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How to Prepare for a Great Road Trip

So you’ve decided to go on a road trip with your friends or on your own, but you aren’t certain where to start. Perhaps you think that you are ready but you really aren’t. Taking a road trip can be very exciting and it’s an amazing experience you can share with your friends. This is […]

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Tips for Protecting and Securing Your Smart Phone

We no longer use our phones only for communication, we used them to check our emails, check our social networks, play games, browse the web etc. It is basically our personal computer that we keep nearby, which is why our smartphone contains lots of sensitive information. If you are logged into all of your accounts, […]

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4 Benefits of Real Estate Crowdfunding You Need to Know

Trends are constantly changing, but it seems like crowdfunding has made its way into every real estate investor’s dictionary. But not everyone is so eager to embrace it, because this trend is here to stay, or it is just temporary? Even though crowdfunding is still something new, it is rapidly reshaping the way real estate […]

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4 Tips to Take Your Email Marketing to the Next Level

Email marketing is here to stay. During the last three years, email opens have grown an amazing 180%, so there’s nowhere to go but up. This is a fact you should use to your advantage. However, the average consumer is more than capable of detecting a regular marketing trick such as a limited edition or […]

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