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5 iPhone Apps for Your Next Multimedia Project

Technology has been evolving quickly. With the advent of smartphone applications, all the functionality of cameras, music players, music recorders, and even touch-screen synthesizers now fit into one compact packaging. For your next DIY multimedia project, consider getting these 5 great iPhone apps: 1. Garage Band Developer: Apple Garage Band is Apple’s legendary user-friendly music […]

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Is Unlocking Your Cell Phone Legal?

This year, two of the most anticipated cell phones were released: the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the iPhone 7. Naturally, some consumers want the newest, greatest phones on the market, which is welcome news for those looking to purchase a gently used iPhone6 or Samsung Galaxy S6. However, it’s hard to find a phone that […]

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What Is A Wireless Router And How To Choose One For Your Home

The Internet has undeniably changed many of life’s mundane activities. Shopping, communicating and even transportation have changed, due to the invention of the Internet. At the same time, the technologies involved with the Internet have improved significantly over the past few years. Today, the modem router is capable of providing the consumer with lightning fast speeds. […]

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3D Pens – Amazing Things One Can Achieve with it.

The Amazing Things One Can Achieve With A 3D Pen There are many artists in the world and the majority love experimenting with new mediums. Some oil painters will eventually delve into acrylics and possibly even water colors. These mediums are thousands of years old and have managed to withstand the test of time. Those […]

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Good Governance Starts with Transparency in the Boardroom

Unless your organization has the right tools for the job, transparency can be a harder goal to achieve than you might think. If directors have complained in the past about a lack of transparency or fairness, begin by identifying where your practices have been falling short. Access to information is one of the most frequent […]

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