The World of Millennials: Turning Minimalism into a Lifestyle

There are quite a few misconceptions about the generation referred to as millennials. They are commonly misunderstood and many people shudder when they hear anything about them. The main problem with these false assumptions on the lifestyle of millennials is the fear of change, because, let’s face it – change is always scary, no matter how old you are.

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Emergency Water Extraction After a Flood

When you have water damage and need to clean sewage, you need to take the proper precautions. If you don’t, you could end up creating more damage or even posing a threat to your health. Thankfully, there are plenty of tips out there that are aimed at helping you have a successful and hassle-free cleanup when you need it.


Protect yourself.

The first thin…

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Natural Ways to Shed Fat

We’re now two months into the new year, and if your resolution was to lose weight, it’s probably time to take stock of where you’re at. If you’re less-than-impressed by your results so far, don’t give up! While losing weight is always a challenging proposition, there are some natural and easy ways to help make the task a littl…

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Categories vs. Tags: How Do I Use Them On My Blog?

If handled properly, WordPress can help you boost your online presence and/or promote your e-business through a simple-to-navigate blog that communicates your corporate philosophy and presents your offerings in optimal SEO light. By using categories and tags, you can group posted content into a logically organized database – but be careful! Catego…

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A Beginner’s Guide on Getting Started with Content Marketing

A well-thought-out content strategy is vital not only to the growth of businesses but also to its survival for years to come. Nowadays, digital technologies are rapidly evolving, creating more opportunities for brands to create relevant and useful content, which can help them acquire and retain customers.

This is precisely what proper online content ma…

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5 Things 50th Super Bowl Taught us About Marketing

Super Bowls have transformed into much more than just sport events. In recent years, they are accompanied by the marketing bonanza unlike anything we have seen before.  The 50th Super Bowl brought us a delicious crop of new ads that took the biggest TV stage there is. Many corporate giants have embraced the all-star marketing messaging and stepped up the g

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5 Hacks to Make Your Study Space Supreme

As the new year kicked off, you may have noticed an influx of people shopping in the active wear section of your local department store. Odds are, they’d recently joined a gym—and in an effort to stick with it, outfitted themselves in fancy new workout clothes. It’s a decent strategy: make yourself feel good, even more confident, in an effort to make wor

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SEO And Beyond…. Why SEO Is Crucial For Your Website

Most people bandy the term “SEO” around the office, but few people really understand the theory behind it, leaving the detail to the technical guys. In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimisation is the art of making your website legible to search engine robots and humans alike. It’s obvious you want your live and potential audience to be able to read and un

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What to Consider When Taking a Business Global

Expanding a business is always a big decision. Risks are high, but potential for increased payoff usually lies at the heart of the expansion. But unlike spreading out your business within the country, going international requires special attention to political, cultural, and economic factors. Opening a branch in Latin America, for example, is much diff

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Blogging Done Right: 5 Tools Every Blogger Should Use

If you are running a blog, you are most certainly aware of the endless number of tools available to bloggers and the ever-confusing question of how to choose the right ones. It can be quite a drag to explore them all and find the ones you need to make your blog run smoothly. If you’re just starting out, you must be in over your head, trying to put all the pieces toge

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Phone Conversations Are Expected To Dramatically Decline In 2016

Communication is something that is constantly evolving with the times. The rapid advances in technology mean that new methods of interacting with our friends, family and colleagues are introduced with almost every generation. As they are, the quickest and most convenient methods of communication survive while the previous ones begin to die ou…

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Posted by Daniel
February 4, 2016

Working from Home? Design Your Ideal Home Office

Are you working from home full-time? If that is the case, you need to find a perfect spot in your home and transform it into your home office. Make your work space perfect for your needs to ensure a high level of productivity. You need to set up ideal working conditions to make sure that you stay efficient throughout the day.

Working from the comfort of your own hom

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On-Site SEO Guide for Beginners

Many people think that recent Google changes killed SEO, which is far from truth. Although Google algorithm is constantly improving, white hat SEO techniques still play major role in website rankings. In this article we shared a few tips for on-site SEO that will help your new website gain popularity and traffic.


Source Code

Source code is the code

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6 Writing Hacks I Wish I Knew When I Was in College

It seems that college is a time of reckoning for all the times you dozed off in composition or fundamentals of research class in high school. All your classes will have at least one writing assignment, be it an essay, book review, or term paper, and they all have deadlines.

It can drive anyone to desperation, even students that actually enjoy writing. Wouldn…

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How Has Technology Improved Vehicle Security on the Road?

As all gear-heads know, we have seen a lot of new car technologies emerge in the past couple of decades, and while it’s easy to get excited about powerful engines and comfortable rides, road safety has increased significantly as well. In this article we will be looking at a few of the biggest innovations that help millions of people stay safe on the road.

The A

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WordPress: CMS for Everything and for Everybody

Hosting your own website or a page is never an easy task. Regardless of the reason behind this, whether you do it for living or for fun, there is a fat chance that you have invested hundreds of hours polishing it. Therefore, it is important that it runs admirably. The easiest way to achieve this is by choosing the best content management system (CMS). Here, WordP…

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Reducing control room risk: keeping SNAFUs at bay

It’s a given among data center professionals that the control room is at the heart of everything that happens.  A properly run control room monitors the center’s devices, their functionality and ensures that the applications and data contained on the machines are constantly available.  It’s one thing to have a device or system monitored by the co…

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Antivirus Software Is Dead

Until recently, most of us placed a surreal amount of faith into our antivirus programs. But a months-long hacking attack on the office and work computers of the New York Times revealed a stunning result: the company employed an antivirus software… but that software utterly missed all but one component of the malware the Chinese hackers installed. For an…

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6 Essential Ways to Improve Your Website Security

Almost every day, we hear of some new attack on websites done by professional hackers and we witness the incredible damage they deal to large corporations. When you hear such news, you cannot help but wonder whether your website is secure enough. If you happen to have a small business, you may think that there’s no real reason for hackers to attack your websi

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The Real Reason Introverts Dread Small Talk

This article first appeared on

Just the other day, you avoided making eye contact with your chatty neighbor when you saw her unexpectedly at the grocery store. And you skipped the office holiday party so you wouldn’t have to make awkward small talk all night with your co-workers.These weren’t your first transgressions against p…

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