Business of selling online – Top Product Categories

Selling Products Online – Finding the Top Products

In today’s business world, anything and everything can be sold over the Internet. The benefits of selling online largely overweigh the alternatives and provide a wider platform for success. Such benefits can be lower start-up costs, access to a large potential customer base, somewhat measured …

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Commercial Real Estate Broker in Florida

Commercial Real Estate Broker Florida Tips For Your Business

Many people move down to Florida in order to take advantage of the fact that the state does not levy personal taxes. Because of that and the sunny weather outside, the real estate market is prime for people who want to make a purchase. If you are thinking about setting up shop in Florida, you will need t…

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Four Tips to Make Your Website a Successful Business Venture

Making money online is an enticing prospect, but without the proper planning, it can be a fool’s errand. With these four tips, you’ll be able to start off on the right foot to give yourself the best chance at being an online success story.

Think Carefully About Your Niche

It’s easy to pick a broad niche like “health” or “finance” and foo…

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Press Release Writing Tips to Gain Inclusion to Authority Sites

When you are launching your brand, business, or product then you will definitely want to write a number of press releases to let the media exposure hopefully get picked up by major authority websites and send traffic to your site. The hope is that shortly after the release goes out that the numbers flock and the traffic spikes.

It seems simple. Write a Press Rel…

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The Power of Packaging

Health Sells – Especially On Product Packaging

“Research suggests that consumers believe Front-of-Package claims and ignore the nutrition or ingredients panels”, says Marion Nestle PhD, JAMA journal, 2010.

The front of the food package has the power to make the buying decisions. For most companies, claims on products are a “way o…

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5 Tips to Get Your Startup Noticed by Prospective Investors

Get Your Startup Noticed by Prospective Investors

First of all, congratulations on launching your startup business. Even if you’re in the planning stages it is important to know that planning it the right way is winning half the battle. However, there is a problem that you need to overcome right from the start and that’s to attract more potential invest…

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Social Account Setup on Your New Brand or Business

With Feedster like every other site we are having to build out everything and I knew it would be helpful to me if or when I do this again. So to save the information I put together this post on exactly how to create all the Social Accounts on your brand or business.

I wouldn’t be doing you justice unless I pointed you to the places I found the tools I am using.

Social Media Account Creation

Social M

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CBD E-Juice Sold Online – Help or Harm?

Buy CBD E-Juice Online for Various Medicinal Reasons

E-juice is another name for the liquid solution that is used in electronic cigarettes. These cigarettes are also called e-cigarettes, vapes or personal vaporizers. The use of e-cigarettes is rising. As one of its alternate names suggests, e-cigarettes are just vaporizers and they do not produce smoke…

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Billy the Kid: “I’ll make you famous”



While I intended to be the first to post here, I missed that by a mile. I then took a back seat to the number two spot, so my hope is to get these thoughts down on paper, and claim number three.

Maybe it was my intent all along (wink) as most people are familiar with the power of three.

I don’t have any great links to reference, nor do I have any great …

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How to Find Writers for Your Website – Best Writers Wanted

As you probably can tell. We are starting to come out of Beta here on Feedster.

Since I am currently researching how to find great writers for our site I thought it would only make sense to share the wealth of information I have found about the subject.

Best Writers Wanted – Write for Feedster

Why I wanted to just go out and plaster this on every stop sign in to…

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The First Post on Feedster – A New Beginning

It is my honor and privilege to post the first post on

While I can’t find any reason that anything I am writing would be “Epic” and I really don’t have a following that will “chirp” this out and gain a massive amount of traffic and go viral, yet I feel a comfort in knowing that it will be at the bottom of this site for…

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