Month: January 2016

The Fading Belief in a Music “Industry” and Its New “Middle-Class”

We’ve all heard the claim a couple hundred times. “Internet streaming and downloading is killing the music industry.” It’s easily believable. Popular bit-torrent site The Pirate Bay illegally provides millions of albums for those looking to possess digital copies without paying for them. Services like Spotify and Pandora allow users to listen to music for […]
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Reducing control room risk: keeping SNAFUs at bay

It’s a given among data center professionals that the control room is at the heart of everything that happens.  A properly run control room monitors the center’s devices, their functionality and ensures that the applications and data contained on the machines are constantly available.  It’s one thing to have a device or system monitored by […]
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Antivirus Software Is Dead

Until recently, most of us placed a surreal amount of faith into our antivirus programs. But a months-long hacking attack on the office and work computers of the New York Times revealed a stunning result: the company employed an antivirus software… but that software utterly missed all but one component of the malware the Chinese […]
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The Real Reason Introverts Dread Small Talk

This article first appeared on Just the other day, you avoided making eye contact with your chatty neighbor when you saw her unexpectedly at the grocery store. And you skipped the office holiday party so you wouldn’t have to make awkward small talk all night with your co-workers.These weren’t your first transgressions against polite […]
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