Month: April 2016

The Future of Internet

Many of us have forgotten the sound of 56K modem connecting to the internet as it was ages ago. In reality, for some, no more than a decade has passed since they’ve heard it for the last time. For those of you who are a bit younger and have no memory of Dial-Up, highest internet […]
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Sharing Resources: A Solution to the Rising Cost of Living

The generation known as millennials, those who reside between the ages of 20 and 34, exhibit a most interesting pattern of dependence that deviates from former generations. While most children from recent previous generations were chomping at the bit and could not wait to leave the nest, millennials increasingly choose to remain at home or return to live with their parents once again. According to TIME, these sorts of statistics have not been seen since the 1940's. Reasons cited for this return to post Great Depression statistics include an increased average age for getting married and a general decrease in economic stability. Yet, critics of the trends emerging among millennial wage earners indicate that something more nefarious is likely at play.
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What to Watch Out for When Starting a Supplement Company

  The supplement industry is a multibillion dollar juggernaut that isn’t going to slow down soon. The challenges of running a lasting supplement brand are many. The amount of competition in this industry is immense with the larger companies taking out advertorials in nearly every fitness industry magazine. Although the competition might be fierce, having […]
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Why Surety Bonds Are a Good Option for Your Business?

Most entrepreneurs consider surety bonds as an unwanted necessity imposed by the government and obligees. This is far from truth, since surety bonds come with long list of benefits for both obligees and contractors. In this article we are going to inspect how surety bonds can help your business. Contractor’s surety bonds and basic benefits […]
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