Shy Cheetas Get Emotional Support Dog.

While cheetahs might look like majestic and dangerous beasts, actually, they are very nervous beings. They get so anxious, they don’t know how to socialize with each other and get too stressed to have sex. That’s why they needed help as they’re becoming extinct – and the solution came in the most unexpected form… Seeing […]

Images and Photography

What this artist does to her face will blow your mind!

Dain Yoon is a makeup artist unlike many others. Instead of creating illusions of longer eyelashes and plumper lips, she creates reality-defying illusions that can make your mind bend. Yoon identifies herself a visual illusion artist. By using watercolors, she can create amazing illusions of lips, eyes, and the overall face, often blending herself into […]

Entertainment Markets

Coca-Cola has built a commercialization Bridge to startups worldwide

Why would a 131-year-old soda company with $44 billion in international sales possibly want to partner with small, pre-revenue technology companies emerging from places far-flung from its Atlanta headquarters? If the company is Coca-Cola (and it is), the answer is all about strategy. Coca-Cola has long looked to tap into technologies that will shape everything […]


Cosplayer can transform herself into whoever she wants to!

There’s literally no character that cosplayer Alyson Tabbitha can’t turn herself into. Don’t believe us? Then scroll down to see for yourself. Since Alyson was a baby, her mom, a professional character performer, would make her Halloween costumes, putting the seed of cosplay into Alyson’s head. It’s, therefore, no surprise that she eventually dived into […]


Three Ex-Billionaires See Fortunes Wiped Out in Hong Kong Stock Rout

Three former billionaires who made their fortunes by taking their companies public in Hong Kong shed more than 91 percent of their wealth amid the market rout that’s roiling small-cap stocks in the city. Huang Wenji suffered the biggest loss when his stake in China Jicheng Holdings Ltd. plunged $1.9 billion since the crash began […]


Donald Trump just threatened Jeff Bezos with an ‘internet tax’

Image: Getty Images It was just a matter of time until Donald Trump went after the far more successful Jeff Bezos. On Wednesday morning, Trump sat down with various White House administrators and elected officials to figure out if Bezos’ ownership of the Washington Post and his position as chief executive of Amazon constituted a […]


Meet Rare Sea Wolves Who Live Off The Ocean And Can Swim For Hours

Along the wild Pacific coast of British Columbia, there lives a population of the sea wolves. “We know from exhaustive DNA studies that these wolves are genetically distinct from their continental kin,” says McAllister. “They are behaviourally distinct, swimming from island to island and preying on sea animals. They are also morphologically distinct — they […]