55 Ways to Help Animals

Easy steps to get involved, make a difference All of us can make a difference for animals in our everyday lives, whether it’s by adopting a pet, choosing products not tested on animals, eating a humane diet, or engaging your community in animal protection issues. With so many widespread problems facing animals, it takes all […]


How To Prepare For SEO Consultations

Search engine optimization can sometimes seem deceptively simple. It’s easy to think that all it takes to be able to make a website search engine friendly is to just look up a couple of articles. While getting familiar with current SEO trends can help, it won’t help you get the most out of your website. […]


7 Easy Tips to Revamp Your Dorm Room

It’s that time of the year, between midterms and finals, when students are getting restless since nothing new is happening in their lives. The excitement of move-in day is over, you’ve gotten the hang of your classes, and the social groups have all fallen into place. Are you looking to switch things up but don’t […]



This article explains what actions to take when you receive a hurricane watch or warning alert from the National Weather Service for your local area. It also provides tips on what to do before, during, and after a hurricane. Hurricane Basics What Hurricanes are massive storm systems that form over the water and move toward […]