Month: November 2017

Are You Overpaying For Your Ecommerce Site?

Ecommerce is the front line of modern entrepreneurship, but in order to manage operations, you need a sturdy, business-ready website. But what platform is best for your site? Choose the wrong one and you’ll overpay for sub-par features, while the right site can boost sales and build your business’s appeal. Know The Field If you […]
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How to Build a Killer Instagram Marketing Strategy

Social networking sites are a great way of marketing your products online. Using the right social platform and appropriate marketing strategies can boost your product sale to another level. But when it comes to online marketing, business owners usually prefer Facebook over any other social networking site. However, new research has shown that Instagram has […]
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10 Timely Ways Businesses Can Reduce Expenses

Business expenses are a part of running a company and reducing those expenses should be one of the primary aims of the business owner. When expenses are allowed to pile up unchecked, it can take a toll on the company’s profitability. If expenses are allowed to overwhelm the company budget then the company may have […]
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How to Create Memories through Corporate Gifts

When it comes to corporate gifts, there are many luxuries that companies could purchase. These gifts can range from a luxury trip of scuba diving and golf to corporate gift baskets. Corporate clients tend to remember those companies that give them a physical expensive gift as it shows appreciation for something accomplished. When you’re the […]
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Philip Kapneck: Maryland Trade Ambassador and Job Creator

Today, I interviewed a former official of the Maryland State Government who worked for many years with Maryland Trade Ambassador, Philip Kapneck. Alan Gray: Thank you for doing this. I’m happy to help tell the story. Ambassador Kapneck served the State for 40 years, through consecutive administrations. That must be unprecendented. Yes, Ambassador Phillip Kapneck […]
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