Month: March 2018

Four Reasons Why People Send Money Overseas

Sending and receiving money is easier than it has ever been before. Using banking apps, you can help your friend pay for concert tickets and you can deposit checks from the comfort of your own home. It’s easier than it has ever been before to send money abroad too! But, why do people use companies like […]
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How to Choose the Right Web Host for Your Blog

If you rewind and go back to the roots of it, blogging is like journaling. Except it’s online. And it’s public. While this might be scary to those who struggle to find a weekly new hiding place for their journal that isn’t under their mattress, for many, it’s like a shiny new toy and people […]
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Why It’s Risky To Play It Safe Financially

There’s an inherent sense, especially among Millennials, that when it comes to finances and investments, the best option is to play it safe. It’s not unreasonable to have this opinion. Millennials saw first hand what happened to their parents and grandparents because of the Great Recession. Unfortunately, not taking risks financially is actually the biggest […]
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