Month: May 2018

Industries That Are Being Disrupted By Blockchain

The blockchain is one of the latest inventions to come out of the magical honeypot that is technology. No doubt, you have heard the word ‘blockchain’ being bandied about, especially by your financially or technologically savvy friends. But do you know what it is exactly? Why don’t we clear up your confusion? Picture Credit: Pixabay […]
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Top 5 Effects of Green Buildings on Businesses and Workforce!

Promoting the green initiatives on business and workplace can increase productivity. According to the reviews and studies in scientific literature indicates there are a lot of effects still it is challenging to gain profit. Let us first know about the green workplace. The green workplace is defined as the sensitive environment, efficient resource and socially […]
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3 Key Benefits of Blockchain Technology

If you have never heard of the term “blockchain technology”, you are probably missing out on what many IT professionals are calling the Internet of tomorrow. There is no doubt you’ve heard of Bitcoin and cryptocurrency in general, but you may still not understand that cryptocurrency is based on blockchain technology. In fact, cryptocurrency is […]
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