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Your Complete Guide to L-Glutamine

Every ingredient we put into our IdealLean products serves a super important purpose. Today we have decided to spotlight an amazing little amino acid that actually serves a few important purposes! Say hello to L-Glutamine! Although you’ve probably heard it just called Glutamine. Glutamine can help you maximize your post-workout recovery, improve fat loss, promote lean muscle building, […]


Quick Fixes for Resume Don’ts

mohamed_hassan / Pixabay I don’t know about you but when I try something for the first time and get it wrong, I need someone to point out what’s wrong AND tell me how to fix it! Hopefully, like minds will appreciate this 4-point quick-fix list that includes resume DON’Ts I often come across during a […]

Health and Wellness

A judge in Arkansas makes $147,000 a year for turning poor people into indentured servants

The dirt-poor residents of a hardscrabble Arkansas county are routinely sent to jail for being broke by a judge who earns $147,000 a year. District Judge Mark Derrick routinely violates core principles of the Constitution and sometimes even flouts black-letter laws of the state itself, a lawsuit filed Thursday by the Lawyer’s Committee for Civil […]

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Panic! at the AFL

Why the pent up anger at the whole concept of rule changes? Writing in The Age, Jake Niall has claimed that a sizeable “conservative faction” among fans has developed what he describes as “change fatigue”. But it is the AFL itself with its continued need to justify its self-appointed role as caretaker of the game […]