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21 Ways to Save $1,000 in a Month



In times of rising inflation and stagnating wages, finding ways to save money has arguably never been more difficult.
That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s impossible. By shopping smarter and changing life-long bad habits, you could still save big bucks each month.
To prove it, we’ve compiled a list of 21 money-saving tips you can start adopting today. With these 21 money-saving tips you can try a sports betting site that would help with some extra cash that you want to spend on yourself.

1) Reduce Your Cell Phone Package
Unlimited calls and texts may sound good on paper, but in a world where WhatsApp and social media are now kings, your usage of them is likely to be limited. Phone contract providers know this, which is why they’re happy to include them in so many of their packages.
Check with your provider to see how much of your current plan you’re using each month. If you regularly have minutes, texts, and data leftover, you’ll be in a strong position to negotiate a lower tariff that still meets your needs.
Saving: $15

2) Dump the Landline
Technology continually evolves, turning today’s must-have gear into tomorrow’s yard sale reject. What’s next on the scrap yard list? The landline telephone.
In most cases, there’s no longer any need to pay for a landline when your smartphone can provide exactly the same service for a fraction of the cost.
Saving: $20

3) Pause the Gym Membership
The summer sunshine has finally arrived, turning air con-less gyms up and down the country into spacious saunas.
Thankfully, the good weather means we can ditch the monotonous jogging machine and go for run outdoors instead.
Saving: $30

4) Turn off the Lights…
Leaving ten incandescent bulbs on for just an hour a day adds around $24 to your yearly energy bill, so whenever you leave a room, make sure you flick the switch.
Saving: $10

5) …and Turn Down the Thermostat
Turning your heating up by just one Celsius can add as much as five percent onto your energy bill. If you’re cold, turn to a sweater and some woolly socks before touching the thermostat.
Saving: $20

6) Cutdown on Your TV Package
Netflix. Amazon Prime. HBO. There are so many different subscription services nowadays that it’s hard to keep a track.
For the sake of your bank account – and your sanity – try sticking to just one TV subscription service. Netflix alone has close to 700 different TV shows, so there’s plenty to sink your teeth into.
Saving: $40

7) Make do With Standard Definition
Without naming names, some streaming services charge extra for watching their content in “HD” or “Ultra HD”.
While a few extra pixels can add a little extra sparkle to your television’s picture, it isn’t going to miraculously turn a bad movie into a good one.
Saving: $3

8) Say Goodbye to ATM Fees
Spending an extra $5 every time you wish to withdraw your money can quickly add up over the course of a year. If your bank doesn’t have any ATMs close to your home or workplace, it’s time to switch to a provider that does.
Saving: $25

9) Get Used to the Taste of Supermarket Coffee
Spending $4 on a coffee from Starbucks each morning might not seem like an outlandish expensive, but once you do the math, it makes for some rather grim reading. Your takeout coffee habit could be eating up close to $1,500 out of your wage packet each year. That’s enough money for a vacation to Europe.
Saving: $50

10) Pack Your Lunch the Night Before
Let’s be honest: most of us would love to have a garlic and parmesan flatbread stuffed with chicken breast and guacamole every day for lunch. The problem, however, is this sort of sandwich when bought from a shop usually doesn’t come cheap.
In fact, a survey by the recruitment agency Accounting Principals found that two-thirds of workers spent an eye-watering $2,000 a year on buying their lunch.
Therefore, if you’re money-saving, bringing a packed lunch to work is a must. A cheese sandwich might not sound quite as appetizing as the above, but it’s quick to make and always tastes good.
Saving: $125

11) Grab a Lift
With gas prices continuing to creep up year on year, the commute to and from work can be expensive if you’re driving alone. Sharing the journey with a colleague will mean that you can split the fuel costs evenly and moan about the boss openly without fear of persecution.
Saving: $50

12) Half Your Shower Time
A genius over at ATS ECO Solutions has crashed together some sums and worked out the average cost for a ten-minute shower in the United States is nearly $2. If you can cut that time in half, you’ll not only be saving yourself money but also reducing your impact on the environment.
Saving: $30

13) Eat In
Eating out several times a week is one easy way to do some major damage to your bank account. There’s the cost of food, drink, and transportation all to think about.
That doesn’t mean, however, that you have to become a hermit to save some money. Instead of eating out, host at your own home and invite as many friends as you wish.
Saving: $150

14) Cut Down on Your Meat Intake
A 2012 study into economical healthy diets, which was published in the Journal of Hunger & Environmental Nutrition, found that vegetarians should save around $750 on their yearly food bill in comparison with meat eaters.
Saving: $40

15) Hold a Poker Night
Poker is one of the few games in the gambling and betting industry that requires a large element of skill. If you know your blind from your flush, why not challenge a few of your less experienced friends to a poker night?
By sticking to small stakes, you can guarantee that you’ll spend a lot less in comparison with a normal night out. Better yet, you’ve also got the possibility of earning some additional income while having some fun at the same time.
Saving: $10

16) Write a Shopping List
Supermarkets are dangerous places. Every aisle is filled with special offers, discounts, and treats that can be hard to resist as a browsing buyer.
That’s why to avoid over-spending, it’s always best going in with a shopping list at hand.
Saving: $40

17) Drink More Water
Swap your daily can or bottle of soda for a glass of tap of water instead. Doing so will benefit both your bank balance and your waistband.
Saving: $50

18) Put Your Sins on Hold
Whether your vice is alcohol, chocolate, or cigarettes, cutting down for the month could see you bank big bucks.
Saving: $100

19) Sell What You Don’t Need
Have a major clear out and decide what objects in your possession that you no longer use or need.
Online auction sites have made it easy for us to sell any of our unwanted items to people the length and breadth of the country. As the saying goes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
Saving: $150

20) Don’t Play the Lottery
We hate to be the bearers of bad news, but your chances of winning the Powerball are roughly one in 292 million. Unfortunately, those odds don’t equate to sensible investment strategy.
Saving: $10
21) Hang Your Clothes out to Dry
Clothes dryers account for roughly 12% of an average household’s electricity usage. Over the course of a year, that figure equates to close to $200. That’s a lot of money to spend on something that we can do for free by using a drying horse or washing line.
Saving: $20

Total Monthly Savings = $988