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Denied Disability Claims Can Ruin Your Life – Hire A Lawyer

As much as we complain about our jobs, we’d be lost without them. Not only do they supply us with income, they also make up a great deal of our social lives and mental activities. It’s devastating when we’re prematurely separated from employment by illness or accident, sometimes permanently. But, you might be thinking, if anything were to ever happen, at least you would be covered by a government disability pension, right? In Canada, disability payments from the government come out of CPP, which require you to have made sufficient contributions to begin with in order to draw payments. The size of those payments also depends on how long you’ve contributed and how much – all of which is to say, you’re not as protected as you think.

With the exception of Quebec (which has a separate pension plan), residents of Canadian provinces who meet specific criteria (age, level of disability, length of time in which they’ve contributed to the pension plan) are at least eligible for disability payments. But being eligible is not the same thing as being entitled, and many Canadians are shocked after initially filling out disability forms to learn that they’ve been denied benefits. In fact, Canada has one of the world’s highest rates of rejected disability benefits claims, a whopping 60 percent. Below are some of the most common reasons:

  • Didn’t complete the application in a timely or appropriate manner
  • Had trouble collecting evidence of condition
  • Condition isn’t considered legitimate

These are many of the same reasons insurance companies deny your claim as well and it can be frustrating to appeal decisions based on these grounds. If you’ve suffered from a long term disability that prevents you from working, your quality of life can plummet rapidly, your savings exhausted and your future bleak. That’s why many people take out disability insurance in the first place, and when their claims are denied, they wonder if they haven’t had the wool pulled over their eyes.

Social Security Disability Claim Concept

That’s when Canadians turns to a long term disability claim lawyer to appeal their case and win the disability benefits that they both need and deserve. In Toronto, a firm like Blackacre Law will help you win your disability benefits claim by:

  • Filing forms properly,
  • Collecting evidence related to treatment,
  • And representing clients at hearings.

Many denied disability claims deal with disputed or controversial causes, such as fibromyalgia, chronic pain, back problems, anxiety, or personality disorders. Disability lawyers such as Blackacre Law can be great advocates in presenting evidence and documentation of your diagnosis and prognosis. If you’re disputing a disability claim, you want a firm that can work around your needs, including consulting with you on evenings or weekends, or even going to meet you in the hospital. That’s one of the reasons many people with a denied claim are going to the firm Blackacre Law, as they make it easy to get a consultation and find out whether or not you have a case. Look for a free initial consultation and a legal firm that works on a contingency fee, so that you’re not stuck holding the bill with no results.

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