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10 Proven Tactics to Optimise Your Tradeshows Results

Are you preparing for your next trade show appearance? If so, I can help. I think there are a few key tactics to elevate your results here and I can show you the way. 

Use Models 

Appearances are everything at trade shows. You need your booth to be as attractive as possible and that includes the people. So, it’s not uncommon to hire models to attend the stall. 

Models immediately draw people in and can just look like regular members of your team. Albeit ridiculously beautiful members! The Hollywood smile will go along way to making sure investors stop by. 

Dress To Impress

Whether you use models or not, you should make sure everyone is dressed well. Fitted clothing is a must here because it conveys success and ensures a strong sense of professional decorum. You also want to invest in designer clothing. 

You’re probably thinking a tradeshow is expensive enough without designer styles. However, little details can count a lot. 

Besides, I know a secret to save on designer products like Yves Saint Laurent. You can get products like this from FarFetch for less with great offers and discounts. 

Go Big With Tech

It’s not just about fashionable clothing. I think you also need to consider fashionable technology. What’s in style and what is going to make the right impression? 

VR tech is a cool choice here and a great way to showcase products or services. At the very least you want, big HD displays. These are well worth the cost and will send the right message. 

Think About Colour 

Do think about choosing the right colours for your trade show appearance. Think about the impact different colours have on thoughts and feelings. Reds create a sense of power while pastel shades are soothing. 

Are you thinking about seeming creative? If so, you might want to opt for greens. This also creates the impression of an eco-friendly business. 

Build From Scratch 

I know you might be tempted to save by purchasing a pre-made stall. That’s a mistake and will mean you stand out far less. Instead, you need to build the booth around your business goals. 

Do this and you will have a better chance of standing out in a sea of competition. Particularly if you opt for a more unique, bold and intriguing design option. You should definitely consider interesting shapes and even a two-tier booth. 

Market Early 

Make sure that you do begin marketing as soon as you can. It’s another great way to stand out. Think about targeting the transport links attendees will be using. 

You can invest in billboard space or even send out fashionably dressed models to greet people. Both could work a treat. You essentially prep the attendees to look for your booth. 

Social media can be another awesome option here. Add images of your booth to Instagram or create a snapchat story for the event. 

Use Merch 

Merch is a great way to ensure that people remember your business. Crucially, it has to be merch that people want to wear. That’s why designer options are a smart choice. 

People love designer labels and it once again conveys the success of your business. Try to match the merch with your target audience or brand for best results. 

You also need to make sure that the message is clear and memorable. If it’s dull investors aren’t going to pick up the phone. 

Make It Comfortable

Attendees at a tradeshow are going to be on their feet all day. Give them any reason you can to stop at your stall. This includes adding carpet as flooring. 

Carpet looks more appealing and is more comfortable to stand on. If it’s a hot day, you think about fans and air-con too. It’s all about making them want to stay with you for as much time as possible. 

Interact And Engage

You need to be active with your campaign approach here. Don’t think for a moment that your product is going to do all the work. It isn’t, you have to sell it the right way. 

You need to be energetic, enthusiastic and passionate. I think the best advice is this:

If you don’t believe in your brand, why should they? 

Send A Clear Message

Finally, you need to spend a little time thinking about your message and goal. Have a clear focus and use this to plan for your appearance. 

I don’t think there’s anything worse than not having the answer to the question: why are you here?

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