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5 Reasons You Should Use a Google AdWords Agency Rather Than Doing It Yourself

If you are interested in expanding your website’s or blog’s outreach thanks to Google AdWords, you might be tempted to go it alone and manage your paid search efforts in-house. 

While there are certain circumstances in which that is the right ides, it is far more likely that seeking out an agency to get behind the wheels of your AdWords account so that they can help you maximize your efforts and results. 

While agencies on their own cannot replace the information and knowledge that the client possesses, they certainly have insight that clients do not when it comes to making sure the ads you pay for are as impactful as possible. Ideally, this relationship leads to a symbiotic relationship where both parties are successful. 

Here are some ways that you can get a clear advantage over the competition when you sign on to work with a Google AdWords agency. 

  • AdWords Industry Norms & Benchmarks

Assuming that the agency has ample experience within the agency (this is seriously recommended), they will offer you a great opportunity to see the landscape of what space you are operating in. 

On top of that, they can also save you a lot of time testing different strategies and will give you an ability to know whether or not your site and ads are performing as they should be considering how much money you are putting into your ad strategy. For example, sites like utilize Human AI to make sure that their client’s goals are met by using the best of both AI capability and human ingenuity! 

  • Beta Testing Opportunities Can Be Available to You

While you obviously know more about your site and services or product, ad agencies know a whole lot more about new opportunities that may be available to them – and by relation – you. 

Agencies that have a dedicated Google rep often are offered the change to take advantage of new services and options that are still in beta testing. 

That means that you could get the chance to try new and improved methods that your competition may not have access to. That could give you a huge jumpstart on the next wave of ad strategies online. 

  • More Minds Equals More Ideas

This is almost always true – if more people are working on a specific task, chances are good that you will be able to come up with many more ideas and strategies than you would be able to do alone. 

Agencies will typically have a team that is focused on your account specifically, which not only allows you to see new strategies and look at your business with fresh perspective, you will also get the benefit of your team’s different way of thinking and problem solving. 

This allows you and your ad team to re-ignite a stale strategy and utilize new opportunities to grow and succeed.

  • Ad Agencies Have Multiple Expertise

If you have someone working on ads in-house, chances are good that they are great at some aspects of ads and advertising, but chances are also quite good that there as some aspects to Google AdWorks that they are simply not good at or not even aware of. 

If you have an agency that you are working with, they will not only have a wider expertise when it comes to internet ads, but they also likely have many more people with variable expertise that they can bring on if they need to. 

That allows agencies to do things more efficiently. They likely have departments that are tasked with specific responsibilities and relationships with contractors or other agencies that specialize in your needs if they do not. 

This gives your company the ability to expand much more quickly while also being confident that your pre-existing ad-related tasks are being taken care of responsibly and comprehensibly. 

  • You Won’t Have to Worry About Stalls in Expansion Due to Layovers

It’s great if you’ve got some in-house who is fantastic at managing your Google AdWords. Though a problem can certainly arise if that in-house employee decides to seek employment elsewhere. 

Because ads are such a specific part of the business, it is not unlikely for there to be just one person on the team who manages that responsibility. That means that everything could screech to a grinding halt when they leave.

Luckily, that won’t ever be the case if you work with an ad agency. If someone from the agency leaves, your contract will just be moved over to another equally qualified expert. 

That means no risk of downtime, and no risk of losing valuable media if the point of contact on the client side leaves.

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