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Gift Baskets 101

Building your business brand means more than providing a good product. Sometimes you also need to show your customers just how much you appreciate them. A simple gift basket with a card that fully expresses your gratitude can mean a lot.

Gift Basket Considerations

Determine the Type of “Basket”

What gift are you interested in sending? Some of the most unique corporate gift baskets combine food for now and something for later. For example, you could send a thematic tote containing food for now and wine for after work. Some of the most unique corporate gift baskets aren’t baskets at all!

Speed and Accuracy

Delivery timing could be a factor in choosing the basket to gift, especially if it’s a last-minute gift This is especially important for last-minute gifts for birthdays or anniversaries that need to be delivered on a specific date, or condolence gifts that you want to arrive as soon as possible.

Personalize It

Personalize gift baskets by including items that the recipient loves. If they’re an avid wine drinker, include wine or wine accessories like openers, stem charms, or wine decorations. Always include a personalized note whether it’s handwritten or typed into the card when you order online. A little touch of personalization goes a long way.

Types of Gift Baskets


While most companies are working remotely and not in an office, why not host a Zoom company bonding event. Keep the holiday spirit alive throughout the company and host holiday-themed Zoom games. In the end, the winners can receive unique corporate gift baskets filled with sweet treats and goodies galore. 

Skin Care

If you’re gifting someone who has dietary challenges or is focused on fitness, consider a skin care gift basket loaded with products they can use for years to come. Comforting products like lotons, face masks, or bath bombs make great gifts for anyone looking for a little relaxation during the busy holiday season.


Both coffee and tea make great gift baskets to share at the office or with one person who’s really stepped up to help you during this difficult time. From a small basket featuring one particular blend of coffee to a large sampler basket, you can treat terrific customer support professional or a whole office to a beverage that will keep you in their mind.


For that particular go-to person who always steps up, consider a subscription box. From a monthly wine delivery to a self-care treat, these monthly gifts will lift their spirit 12 times a year and allow you to express your gratitude all year long.

Brain Teasers

Sheltering in place doesn’t have to be boring, and with your gift subscription of a monthly puzzle of the month club, it can be a wonderful way to engage the brain! If you have a co-worker or a contact at another organization who always comes through for you, find out how they spend their free time. There are folks who love a daily crossword or number puzzle, and your gift could increase their fun and engagement.

Gift baskets are easy to personalize and a wonderful way to keep your connections thinking of you and your business. A monthly subscription only increases your visibility. Find out what makes your co-workers and business connections tick and treat them to a bit of fun, food, and drink this holiday season!

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