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Guerrilla Marketing Online Techniques For Business Success

Guerrilla marketing simply means doing things differently and in an interesting way to promote your website or business, without having to spend money on advertising. With the present unpredictability of the economic climate, businesses should now more than ever need to explore smarter ways of marketing their brand and products. In this case, being smart means being a successful guerilla marketer.

Small and Large Companies Should Perform Guerrilla Marketing

Both small and large companies use the various guerrilla marketing online techniques to improve and keep their current market share. Businesses can tap into the huge potential of guerrilla marketing by utilizing the following strategies that entrepreneurs can engage in to market their businesses at no costs.

1. Email Signature
One of the most successful, highly valuable, and often underutilized strategy in online marketing is email signature. If your business has one, spend some time looking at it. Does it include your website address, phone number, email, fax, and other ways of contacting your business? If this is not the case, what are you waiting for? Email signature is an essential guerrilla marketing online techniques that is only limited by your imagination.

2. Timely Content
For online success, you need to publish new SEO content on a regular basis, in order to improve the ranking of your site in search engines. You can essentially make a list of the 10 things that you know best about, or you passionately like. Write extensively on these topics and publish the articles to some of the popular article databank. Once the article is published, make sure that you link it to your website. You can also add the link in your email signature.

Website Updates

Alternatively, if you own a website that specializes in promoting certain products, make sure that you publish fresh content about these products. Use the right keywords and aim at placing these keywords onto the URL of the website. This will further improve the traffic to your site. These are simple and free ways to build your expertise.

Guerilla Marketing
Guerilla Marketing

3. Outbound Phone Messages
Have you recently called your website? Is the phone message complement your brand? Does the system thank the callers for calling and invite them to leave some feedback or message? Does it promote any sales or specials that your business is offering? Does it tell the clients when they can expect a return phone call? Ask yourself such questions when creating your outbound pone message for your business.

4. Blogging
These are an essential no cost avenue for establishing yourself as a credible business entity. Blogging is easy to get started and will often take just a few minutes a day to keep it updated. It is particularly essential for small businesses, and is continually taking the place of the more costly newsletters. Make sure that you include the address of your blog in the email signature.

5. Referral Programs
It is very important that you reward your clients when they refer new customers to your business. However, these do not have to be monetary rewards. Click here for 13 referral reward ideas. Service based businesses can offer the various service based incentives while product based companies give out discounts and coupons. You can essentially offer return customers 10% discounts on a return visit with a referral. The idea here is being creative.

6. Testimonials
Among most people’s favorite and free guerrilla marketing online techniques are testimonials. These costs nothing and many clients are willing to write brief testimonials about their experience with your site. Be sure to ask your customers to leave a brief testimonial for you.

These are just some of the many online guerrilla-marketing techniques your business can embrace. You should be patient since results may take some time to be visible, but in time, they will be worth the time and effort.

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