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How Companies can Promote Themselves at Events

When it comes to running a company, marketing is one of the top priorities. Whether you sell a product or a service, it’s hard to make any sort of profit or progress with the business, if you don’t have any customers. This is why many companies go to different events, to win awards or ingenuity or design, and to most importantly, gain customers. Of course now your company needs to stand out amidst a whole slew of other businesses trying to one-up each other, many of which will have a larger budget. This can be extremely challenging. But it’s far from impossible, especially with a creative mind. Here are a couple ways businesses can promote themselves at events, and stand out against competition. 

GIF Booth

A GIF booth can be used to promote your brand in many different ways. Having a big screen you can run different GIFs on is a huge bonus. It will draw people to your stand purely in and of itself, despite what might be on it. Of course, after putting something meaningful or attractive on it, it will draw even more potential customers in your direction. 

If you don’t know what a GIF booth is, a GIF booth is basically a photo booth that takes a series of photos, then stitches them together and creates a mini video. Making GIFs brings attention to your brand more than just an ordinary ad, because the motion of the mini video draws eyes. Most people will look at something when it moves instinctively, and if you do a good job with the imagery and look of the GIF, your potential clients will have a harder time looking away and it will be much easier to spread the word about your brand.

Live Displays

I’ll be honest here, this one isn’t really too original, and many other companies will also be doing it at the event. But it works. Showing your product in action is whats really going to make potential customers, turn into real ones. Think about it, how much more likely are you to buy something that you’ve seen in action. You know what it really does, and you aren’t relying on word of mouth or the description of the product. You believe what you see, so letting your customers convince themselves that they want your product or service, is the way to go. 

Event Photography
Event photography is great for a slew of different reasons. Not only does it immediately draw attention to you, and make people wonder, “why does this booth have photographers, and not this one?” But it makes you seem more credible. Immediately, you will see that having even photographers around you makes you the center of attention, and everyone wants to see what it’s all about. After the fact, it has its benefits as well. Being able to have professional pictures of different events allow you to expand your social media horizons. The best part, there are endless opportunities, companies like Ignite Images Event Photography, or even private photographers can make decision making hard.