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How To Use Ecommerce and Ads For Bongs And Pipes

With social media at the hub of most advertising, it only stands to reason that it would work for bongs and pipes. However, there are some things that will get you banned from your social media sites.

It is strictly prohibited to advertise recreational drugs, kits, and paraphernalia on social media. Adwords also prohibits the advertising of such activities. Smoke Cartel and their amazing owners figured out a way to grow even with these prohibitions.

How then do you take advantage of social media and utilize free advertising if you can’t talk about what you’re doing? Clearly, it takes some creativity to make it work for you without violating procedures and policies of such platforms.

Creative Advertising Techniques for Bongs and Pipes

While you can’t advertise such products on sites like Facebook, you can take advantage of conversations and participate in questions and answers that others ask.

This allows you the opportunity to put in your “two-cents worth” and yet maintain the policies and procedures so that you’re in compliance with the regulations of such sites.

It’s one thing to participate in a discussion, it’s quite another to advertise using pictures and photos of such products.

The more you’re able to interact and engage in social conversations, the more likely your products are to be noticed.

By setting yourself up as the brand authority, you open the discussion up to encourage those involved in the conversation to visit your website.

This works towards advertising your company without posting photos or textual ads regarding the products.

Sub Social Forum Trolling For Bongs and Pipes Influencers

Other means of relating to customers involve such sites as Reddit, forums and other communities where people are all discussing the use of bongs and pipes. Once you have a relationship with such platforms you’re going to find that you gain a following.

It’s not always easy to get the conversation started but if you watch for the opportunity to present itself and jump on the bandwagon you’re going to find that you suddenly have a lot of interest in the products.

Thanks to modern technology, there are newsletters that can be sent out via email subscriptions. People can opt to sign up for such emails and gain new information regarding products as they are launched.

Customers can also opt to sign up for text messaging. This affords us the opportunity to share images and detailed information regarding products and their availability.

SMS Text Show Big Returns For Hard To Advertise Products

Many customers actually prefer to text and ask questions and get one-on-one answers to their queries. It affords us the opportunity to develop a closer relationship with our customer base and to help them select the best products for their needs.

All of our staff are highly trained professionals from our social media staff to those who are running the floor in our brick and mortar stores.

When a customer has a question, they can contact us either via social media or text and get an answer far more quickly than if they were to send in a ticket.

Answer Customer Service Fast On Pipe Sales

This gives our services a more personalized feeling and customers appreciate personalization of their business. when the customer feels valued and important, they are much more likely to become a repeat customer and focus on sending others to our site for their own personal business.

By focusing our services all on one screen, you’ll never hear the dreaded, “Oh, I apologize, that’s not my department but I’ll be happy to transfer you”. You lose a lot of business when that happens.

So instead of such dreaded statements, we’ve integrated all of our screens to one where all of our staff members can see what is going on at any given time. This means that the first available customer service person that sees the question will be the one that answers it.

By using this feature, we avoid transferring our customers to another department and focus on delivering quality service and answering questions as they come in. There’s never a need to transfer the call or question to another department because that department can see the questions and focus on delivering a timely response in the method that the customer prefers.

Customers can specify text, email or a chat session and focus on getting results to their query in minutes, not hours. This makes our customers happy and they want to do more business with us when they’re happy.

It’s always vital to remember that when you’re using social media, you’re always in the public eye. Before you ever hit post or send, you must read and re read your verbiage to ensure that you’re still in compliance with regulations and that you’re not making any glaring typos.

You should do this re reading several times before you hit post or send. There’s been more than once that people hit send or post just as they see a glaring mistake. Don’t be that person. It could cost you the customer if you make too many mistakes.

Training Your Staff For Grammar and Communication On Sales

By training your staff to use proper grammar and terms you’re putting a safety net in place to ensure that they are able to communicate effectively with your clients.

It’s also a great way to save your business by always remaining in compliance with your platform at hand whether it be Twitter, Facebook or another platform.

Our team are all highly trained to understand what they can and can’t say or discuss on a public forum. However, once you’re in email and text you can go into more detail and discuss nearly anything.

By utilizing social media to get the discussion going and transferring the conversation to email or text we’re able to give our customers top quality customer service without violating the terms and conditions of the social media platforms.

Forums further allow us to engage our customers in more discussion as there are many great forums out there where potential customers are asking important questions about our products or other similar products. Our team of experts are able to jump on these forums and answer questions in detail without violating the terms and conditions of the forum sites.

By training all of our staff in the proper use of social media and other venues we’re able to expand the business and increase our revenue.

We can also utilize the algorithms to ensure that we’re properly ranking all of our products and follow the trends of the day. Some products will be phased out if they’re not in the top trends. It makes it easy for us to follow the products and see what is and isn’t working.

Give Detailed Information About Your Products Up Front

It also helps us to give more detailed information on our products and we can see if there is a need for any changes, upgrades or newer products on the market. By utilizing social media and the various platforms that it affords us we’re able to improve our investment and increase sales in an organic way without violating social media’s terms and conditions.

Advertising doesn’t have to be done in the normal fashion and we’re able to increase our business by following proper procedures and mandates.

Training our staff is an ongoing venture that ensures quality services at all times for all of our customers. No question is too challenging for our staff and by setting it up so that our staff can always see the questions that are coming in, we’re able to assure that your questions are always going to the right department.

You’ll never hear the words, “I’m sorry, this isn’t the right department, let me transfer you”. That means shorter wait times and faster service with our customers. That translates to improved business and revenue.