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The Hype Magazine Is Changing the Entertainment Industry in the Local Region

The entertainment industry has changed significantly during the past few years. Thanks to the advent of the internet, social media, and viral stories, it is possible for almost anyone to break into the entertainment industry with the right touch. This is exactly what Jameelah “Just Jay” Wilkerson did with The Hype Magazine. Even though this required a lot of hard work, Just Jay put her mind to the test and took The Hype Magazine from the ground up. Ultimately, she has shown everyone the power of the right voice when paired with the right magazine.

When this magazine first started, Wilkerson was still a student. At the time, she was attending Ball State University. She knew that she had an interest in entertainment, and wanted to explore this further. This led her to the idea of starting a local entertainment application to provide updates for the local community. This is where The Hype Magazine got its start.

The publication started back in 2002. Within two years of its first issue, the publication had morphed into something much more than that. It was a full-fledged magazine. In many respects, The Hype Magazine became the voice of the Midwest. The magazine would feature not only local acts but National acts as well. For example, even Machine Gun Kelly was featured in the magazine. Often, The Hype Magazine will be the first cover story for artists who were going to be superstars in the industry in the future.

Shortly after The Hype Magazine was started, it began to dominate the online space. Just Jay knew that the internet was going to be the future. There are countless people who use search engines as their first step when they’re looking for products or services. Therefore, she knew that if she could position the magazine appropriately, it could generate some online traffic as long as the stories were solid. She worked hard to refine her craft and publish stories that she felt were important.

She found a way to combine the print publication with their web portal, capturing the top spot when it comes to digital magazines in print. As a result, she was able to quickly carve out a niche area for her magazine that would grow gradually during the next two years. Eventually, the digital version of her magazine become a vital tool for hard copy publications that were looking for ways to capture the digital audience of The Hype Magazine. This is what really put her and her magazine on the map. The Hype Magazine started to run various series that concentrated on new, rising stars in the entertainment industry. Then, she was able to publish stories on them to help them generative larger following. For example, YFN Lucci and Rick Ross were both featured in this area.

Eventually, the girls of her magazine started to catch the attention of some of the top leaders in the industry. For example, some of the biggest names in the industry approached Just Jay to talk to her about taking The Hype Magazine to the retail print space. In November of 2013, The Hype Magazine was found in retail stores for the first time. The magazine could be found alongside some of the biggest magazines in the world including People and Time. even though The Hype Magazine was new, it consistently sold out. Thanks to its quality stories and featured spotlights on some of the biggest artists in the industry, the power of the publication grew exponentially. Eventually, Just Jay was even able to take The Hype Magazine to the international stage. The magazine could be found on US military bases and other key locations around the world.

Even as the magazine grew exponentially, it never lost its focus. Just Jay has been working on expanding the presence of The Hype Magazine in the digital space. Furthermore, the magazine has even added streaming television options to its arsenal. This was brought to life via The Hype TV. This is an app that is available on Roku and smart television devices as well as on the Amazon Firestick. This streaming TV service features cooking segments, music videos, feature films, interviews, and more. All of these are designed to keep viewers both informed and entertained at the same time.

Without a doubt, The Hype Magazine has grown by leaps and bounds in a short time. The expert guidance of Just Jay has played a major role. Even though the future of The Hype Magazine has just arrived, one thing is certain: The Hype Magazine is going to continue to play a role in the entertainment world.