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Top Ad Networks For Publishers In 2018 

Whenever people discuss monetization, the first thing that invariably comes up is Google AdSense. And although there isn’t necessarily anything wrong with it – since it is, of course, the largest ad network in the world, it isn’t a smart idea to just assume that the other ad networks can’t outdo AdSense.
The ad tech industry is very disruptive and it is not a stretch to state that there are competitors of Google that can actually compete very well with the giant. It may take some trial and error to determine which ad network, or multiple networks, will generate the most revenue for you.  However, when do figure it out finally – it will definitely be worth all of the hard work.
The following are some of the top ad networks that publishers can use to boost their incomes.
Top Ad Networks For Publishers In 2018 

1. Adsterra Network

A premium advertising network, Adsterra serves more than 10 billion geo-targeted ad impressions every month. The company supports publishers from all of the different verticals and they guarantee 100% monetization of their entire advertising inventory.
Adsterra provides a huge variety of highly effective ad formats that are available in all of the most popular sizes for both mobile and web which includes: direct links, pop-under sliders, display banners, interstitial, and pushup. Publishers receive on-time payments that are made via major payment systems that are made bi-weekly, in addition to real-time statistics and personal account manager.
Adsterra ha a 5% referral program as well.
Minimum traffic: 50,000
Model: CPA, CPC, CPM


Ads are served by from the Yahoo Bing contextual advertising network.  It is comprised of a big pool of local and national advertisers, which ensures a 100% fill rate over all of the ad formats and verticals.
Some of the publishers that are with include Esquire, Cosmopolitan, Reuters, Elle, and Forbes. Standard IAB sizes are supported by the network and access to the highest quality ads from all of the major DSPs. Along with display units, supports mobile docked, in-content native, and desktop interstitial ads as well.
Minimum traffic: None
Model: CPA, CPC, CPM

3. Ad Maven

Over the last year or so, Ad Maven has been able to position itself as among the leading alternative options to Google Adsense. They offer publishers a broad selection of monetization methods like Slider ads, Interstitial, Lightbox, Pop-under, Banners, and more – serving more than 500 million ad impressions on a daily basis.
After you are registered you are approved immediately and obtain access to the user-friendly Ad Maven platform. Your website type is identified by Ad Maven and returns optimized ads for high conversion rates.  All of this makes Ad Maven among the top ad networks to achieve high CTR with.
Ad Maven also has a unique Adblock bypass solution that it supplies that enable you to display ads to 100% of all of your users, which increases your revenues by as much as 50%.  The product lineup of Ad Maven includes Interstitial and Lightbox ads that are completely compliant with Google’s Adblock are scheduled to be introduced in January 2018 and not be blocked.
Native push notifications were recently launched by the network. It is a non-intrusive, user-friendly, and clean ad format that is fully compliant with Google’s policies and is used along with AdSense for both desktop and mobile. This format yields high conversion rates that do not redirect users to various websites or take up too space on web pages.

4. Adbuff

Adbuff is among the best AdSense Alternative advertising networks for many publishers due to it being able to outperform AdSense. Since the Adbuff platform is a Teal Time Bidding (RTB) one, AdSense is directly competing with AdBuff advertisers when it comes to monetizing all impressions. This results in publishers earning some of the industry’s highest page RPMs.
These ads are completely compliant to run next to AdSense, which allows you to double your page RPMs when you run Adbuff and AdSense at the same time.
Adbuff does have some of the strictest approval guidelines for advertisers and publishers. Currently, they are accepting publishers with English websites where most of their traffic are coming from the UK, Australia, Canada, and the United States. Publisher websites need to have 2,000 unique visitors a day at a minimum.
The approval times range from 5- 7 days and any site that is approved gets a welcome bonus of $25 after enrolling.
Adbuff is among the first ad networks that should be considered by premium publishers that are searching for the best alternative ad network to Google AdSense.
Top Ad Networks For Publishers In 2018 

5. Infolinks

There is one big problem that traditional banner ads suffer from which can result in large revenue losses: ads are either subconsciously or consciously ignored by many users due to them being considered as an intrusion.
The way that the Infolinks ad network has been able to solve this problem is through offering innovative and profitable ad units that are free to use: InScreen (smart interstitial advertisements), InFrame (banner ads located in the frames and margins), InTag (tag cloud ads), InText (text link advertisements), and InFold (overlay ads).
All of this combined results in better utilization of space, increased relevance, less intrusion for users, and improved SEO.
High monthly revenue is generated by Infolinks for more than 200,000 publishers from over 130 different countries these days. They work with the world’s largest advertisers including eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, and Facebook. It is very easy to integrate their platform into your website.  It is open to all publishers, and there are no minimum visitor or page view requirements and no setup fees.
Minimum Traffic: None
Model: Auction, CPI, CPV, CPA, CPC, CPM

6. Revenue Hits

Geo-targeted and contextual ad serving technology is used by Revenue Hits.  That makes is a very favorable option in the GDPR era – for monetizing toolbars, widgets, add-ons, mobile sites, websites, and much more.
The network serves more than two billion advertising impressions every day and promises 100% fill across all geographic areas.
Revenue His, in addition to display ads, also allows publishers to monetize their websites through the use of custom formats such as XML feeds, widgets, apps, pop-ups, and text ads.
Minimum traffic: None
Model: Auction, CPV, CPA, CPC, CPM

7. Revcontent

This company is one of the internet’s largest native ad networks. Revecontent currently serves 100 billion content recommendations per month across the world.  Last year it experienced a 900% growth rate.
It is extremely difficult to get accepted into Revcontent.  They reject nearly 98% of all websites that apply – and focus more on the quality of their publisher network instead of quantity.  The strategy has helped the company generate loyal audiences for partners, better engagement rates, and higher revenues.
As part of its efforts at product improvement, Revcontent recently launched version 2, featuring an intuitive user interface which makes it easier to customize widgets and allows for transparent reporting.
Minimum traffic: N/A
Model: CPC

8. AdBlade

This is another ad network that focuses more on quality instead of quantity.  ABC, Yahoo, Hearst Corporation, and Fox News are among the approximately 1,000 publishers that make up this network. Standard IAB units are supported by AdBlade, in addition to its proprietary NewBullets unit which claims that deliver up to three times improved performance.
Minimum traffic: 500,000 impressions per month
Model: CPC, CPM

9. Undertone

This company specializes in offering several different high-impact ad formats along with standard IAB – which includes several different video formats, IAB rising stars, and a selection of flagship display formats which have been designed to achieve higher user engagement.
That combined with the fact that a number of the proprietary ad units offered by Undertone utilize your ads inventory in non-traditional ways, help to ensure that existing ad products are not cannibalized, which means that Undertone is able to offer CPMs that are 100% to 500% higher compared to traditional display advertisements.
Minimum traffic: 500,000

10. BidVertiser

Although your mileage might vary, the Bidvertiser network monetization model is interesting: Along with earning revenue for every ad click, publishers also earn money when a click results in a conversion for the advertiser (i.e. sale).
Multiple ad formats are supported by BidVertiser, including mobile, rectangles, skyscrapers, and banners.  The point-and-click tool that they provide can be used for customizing the unit layout to match the appearance of your website.
The bidding system helps to ensure that publishers get the highest revenue possible from every unit.  When the reporting interface is used, it allows you to easily monitor the performance of your ads, including the total amount of money you have earned, click-through rate, and clicks.
Minimum traffic: None
Model: CPC, CPM
Top Ad Networks For Publishers In 2018 

11. Vibrant Media

This ad network offers Chrome filter-friendly and Better-Ads ad formats, including brand canvas, mosaic, storyboard, lightbox, in-image, and in-text, along with standard IAB display advertising units.
Depending on what your specific needs are, Vibrant Media can be used as a primary display network of their native ad solutions can be employed to increase your revenues without having to change your current ad configurations.
Since these ads are responsive, you can deliver them seamlessly across multiple platforms.
Minimum traffic: None
Model: CPC, CPM

12. Clicksor

More than 900 million ad impressions are served by Clicksor on 100,000 plus specialized websites on its publisher network. Clicksor offers regular banner ads, along with pop-unders, interstitials, rich media, and in-text ads as alternative advertising formats.
Clicksor will scan the text appearing on your website and then serve ads utilizing the latest contextual technology, which results in high click-through rates.
Clicksor’s plugin makes installation very easy to use with Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, or Blogger. To get going all you need to do is download the plugin and activate it.
Minimum traffic: None

13. represents the insights, data, and technology arm for AOL Advertising. The site has relationships with over 70 of the top 100 comSocre ad-supported websites and has a publisher network that spans more than 30 content verticals with almost 3 billion ad impressions monetized on average on a daily basis.
If you are searching for specific advertisers, ad blocks are offered by by category, media, industry, or advertisers to fit your website the best.
Minimum traffic: 300,000 impressions per month
Model: CPA, CPC, CPM

14. Creafi Online Media

More than 300 million ad impressions are served by Creafi Online Media on a daily basis and its USP is center on providing advanced audience targeting methods like semantic targeting, retargeting, and behavioral targeting.
When advertisers are able to customize who is able to view their ads based on context and behavior using those tools, ad performance increases, and it’s a win-win situation for the publishers and advertisers. For publishers, multiple revenues streams and multiple ad formats are offered by Creafi along with great control over their ad inventory.
Minimum traffic: 1,000,000
Model: CPV, CPC, CPM
Top Ad Networks For Publishers In 2018 

15. Epom Market

This cross-platform advertising network is associated with the top publishers and advertisers across 15 verticals and in more than 40 countries.  There are 13 billion ad impressions served by Epom market that reach 320 million unique visitors on a monthly basis.
It offers local, mobile, and category-targeted ads to provide improved user targeting, which results in higher CPM rates.  Epom supports standard banner ads along with mobile-specific, in-text, and footer ad units.
Minimum traffic: 500,000
Model: Auction, CPA, CPC, CPM

16. Media Nexus

This ad network works with global brands and fortune 500 companies, with some of them being exclusive to the Media Nexus network.
That also means that usually the ads that this network serves are high quality and enhance the experience of the users (rather than take away from it).
Six distinct verticals are served by the network and publishers are offered 100% fill rates, high eCPMs, a dedicated account manager, and monthly payments.
Minimum traffic: 5,000,000
Model: CPV, CPC, CPM

17. Haxhax

This brand-safe, a premium private marketplace is comprised of more than 100 hand-selected premium publishers that serve traditional display, mobile, rich media, and video ads. Haxhax offers multi-screen ad servicing, comprehensive reporting, and an auto-invoicing system to ensure you are paid on time.
Minimum traffic: 500,000
Model: Auction, CPV, CPC, CPM

18. PropellerAds

Banner ads are supported by PropellerAds in all of the standard sizes, including 120×600, 160×600, 200×250, and 728×90, along with in-banner and onclick video ad formats.  When these ads are strategically positioned, you can achieve CPMs up to $1-2 for UK and US inventory.
PropellerAds as 3,000 active campaigns all over the world and manual checks are performed in order to remove all suspicious and unsafe advertisers to ensure that ad quality remains high.
Publishers benefit from detailed real-time reporting, a personal account manager, in-time payouts, and 100% monetized inventory.
Minimum traffic: None
Model: CPA, CPC, CPM

19. BlogAds

This ad network specifically caters to bloggers. Thousands of the premier blogs are represented by BlogAds, including Cute Overload, Wonkette, DailyKos, and Perez Hilton.  It is easy to get set up and multiple sites can be managed from one account.
A very high level of control is offered by BlogAds over your advertising which allows you to decide which ad sizes you want to offer, reject or accept ads, customize ad appearance, and set prices.
BlogAds does not charge a monthly fee; it instead keeps 14% of the sales that are made to readers.  They support the most popular IAB ad sizes.  If you are a blogger wanting to explore an AdSense alternative, then it is worthy of trying out.
Minimum traffic: None
Model: CPA, CPC
Top Ad Networks For Publishers In 2018 

20. PulsePoint

Every month the PulsePoint ad network processes an average of 110 billion ad transactions across its platform. A major focus of the company is on data-driven ad optimization –  every day they crunch around 20TB of it.
The companies proprietary contextual help to increase relevance and ensure improved ad targeting, which gives publishers the chance to monetize impressions that would normally be overlooked by buyers. There are no hidden costs or sign up fees.
Minimum traffic: None
Model: CPM

21. Conversant (ValueClick Media)

Every month Conversant runs ad campaigns for more than 5,000 brands, which increases the chances of being able to find ideal fits for all of its content verticals. They offer a real-time publisher interface that provides campaign reporting that is fully transparent in addition to revenue and activity data.
The cross-platform advertising solution that it offers help to ensure that publishers can maximize revenue coming from mobile devices.
Along with standard display ads, they also offer several other ad formats including over the page, banners, rich media, static, and in-text rollovers.
Minimum traffic: None
Model: CPA, CPC, CPM

22. AdCash

AdCash is a leading advertising network that offers high-quality ads from top brands along with exclusive pricing models that have been designed to monetize the online content of publishers effective and increase their revenue.
All industry standard formats are supported by AdCash in addition to exclusive display formats like background, slide-in, interstitial, feet and site under.  It has more than 1,000 ad campaigns that run on its platform – better ad targeting can be achieved with larger inventories.
Minimum traffic: N/A
Model: CPA, CPC, CPM

23. Chitika

This is one of the most popular AdSense alternative options and has more than 350,000 publishers that are part of its network. Every month it serves more than four billion ads, which makes it one of the world’s largest ad networks according to those metrics.
Chitika’s proprietary optimization and targeting technology utilize programmatic buying so that the precise services the right ad at just the right time. For new publishers, the approval process is fairly straightforward and doesn’t take a lot of time.
Minimum traffic: None
Model: CPC

24. Tribal Fusion (has been acquired by Exponential)

Tribal Fusion has some of the industry’s highest CPM rates and they also offer free ad-serving technology, real-time reporting, dedicated account manager, and reliable payments.
The content of the ads can be controlled through block ad categories (for example, warning, flashing, alcohol, political, religious, gambling, etc.) or through domain names of specific advertisers.
Based on the website’s content, the Tribal Fusion server locates the advertiser-audience that is the best fit in real-time, which benefits both the publisher and advertiser.
Minimum traffic: 500,000

25. WWW Promoter

This ad network offers publishers offers competitive CPMs, high fill rates, advanced targeting along with efficient ad serving through the use of its proprietary advertising serving technology.
WWW Promoter focuses on developing a network that is comprised of trusted advertisers and brands, which eliminates the potential of ads of low quality being served.  The ad platform offers a reporting tool in-house that allows publishers to track CPMs in real-time.
Minimum traffic: 1,000,000