3 Tips for Creating Promotional Kits

When launching a new product, it’s vital for a promotional marketing team to effectively introduce their target audience to their brand in a way that entertains, informs, and educates. Since consumers are flooded with conflicting messages from competing brands all day long, it takes a creative strategy to cut through the white noise and get the people who need to hear your message most to pay attention. Custom promotional kits are one of the best ways to meet these objectives and build a strong brand identity while providing the information their core audience needs about the product they are offering. Here are some simple tips for custom-packaging promotional kits in a way that will get the right people to find out about your brand.

Identity Check

When you hear the phrase “brand identity,” you may think of that handful of mega-corporations who have created entire mini-societies based on consumer devotion to a product. A solid brand identity is a quick and efficient way to summarize your company’s mission, values, and process while also building an emotional bond with any consumer who shares those sentiments. Whether you are a quirky, irreverent anti-corporation that wants to do some good in the world, a serious-minded company that business professionals have relied on for over five decades, or an industry disruptor poised to change the face of our modern world forever, you have a story to tell, and a custom promotional kit is an ideal tool to help you tell it.Before you plan your packaging strategy for a promotional kit, it is important to give serious thought to just how you want your target audience to feel about your company and its products based on this first experience.

Take it Easy

Just because your custom promotional kit’s packaging is innovative and eye-catching, that doesn’t have to mean it’s hard to open! All too often, marketing departments choose form over function, which can lead to costly product packaging blunders. Imagine how a consumer will feel about your brand if he or she can’t easily and quickly open its unnecessarily complex packaging? Think of the experience you want your end recipients to have, and customize your promotional kit in a way that eliminates difficulty and frustration.

Label Yourself

You want to make sure that your custom promotional kit not only ends up in the right hands, but is then opened and reviewed by those who need to hear your message most. There’s no way you’re going to achieve your end goal of imprinting your brand logo onto the brains of everyone who encounters your promo kit if you don’t first imprint it on the packaging itself. Highly-visible, brand-specific labeling that uses both the company name and logo will go a long way toward helping people remember you and associate your name with the creatively-packaged promotional kit they just received. By making sure your brand name is front and center, you can be sure that people will be able to identify your company before they ever open the package.

Promotional kits are the first step to getting your product on the map and in the minds of consumers in your target market. When in doubt, refer to these tips, so your promotional kits stand head and shoulders above the rest of the competition.