5 Ways To Market Your Spa

Every new company, corporation, start up, or new idea needs clientele before it can start making money. Finding this clientele isn’t as hard as many would think. All you have to do is decide your target market, reach out to them, and show that your product or service is worth their money and attention. After that, it’s quite simple to keep them. If you can fill a need in their life with your product, they’ll be drawn to you. It’s human nature to seek the path of least resistance, because of this, people don’t usually go looking for something to improve the quality of their lives, and when they do, they typically don’t put in massive amounts of effort.

That’s why it’s so important to be on the forefront of their searches and meet them at the gate. If we take an example of a Spa, the target market is easy. You’re looking for individuals who are looking for more rest and relaxation in their lives. Typically, these are people who are high strung, under lots of pressure, or don’t see many breaks in their lives and are trying to get through their busy schedules without getting burned out. From here, you need to find some spa advertising ideas. Here’s 5 ways you could market your spa.

1.      Online.

Search Engine Optimization is a massive field in today’s marketing field. If you’re looking for spa marketing, you’d want certain keywords in google searches to direct potential clients and visitors to your website where they could learn more about your products and services. If you can increase the flow into your website, you’ll increase your potential clientele pool and therein, increase your clients and flow of customers into your establishment.

Another great online tool is Social Media. People have been increasing their time spent on social media since Covid-19 hit. Before that it was on the increase regardless. With so many people scrolling through social media for hours a day, customized advertisements have an incredible effect. Through spa software and designated search engines, we can find people who would be inherently interested in your spa designated by their prior searches and pages that they follow.

2.      Prints.

Without being sexist, let’s be honest, the majority of people who will be interested in a spa day or visit will be middle aged women. They have the money to go and are often times stressed with their daily lives and obligations. Plus, men simply don’t care about their appearance or upkeep nearly as much as women do.

Now, with prints, they’d be sent through the mail in either coupon or advertisement form. They could be put in a catalog, or on their own, this is regardless. However, the majority of people who will be home when the mail comes is the stay at home mom, these are the people we want to reach. Through mail out prints and advertisements, you’ll be able to hit your target market. Everyone likes saving money as well, if you can get them into your store for a discount the first time, and they enjoy your services, it will give them incentive to come again and bring their friends. We’ll talk about that later though.

3.      Billboards and public advertising.

As previously mentioned, people don’t know what they don’t know. Most times people don’t realize they’re missing something until it’s brought to their attention. Through billboards and public advertising, we bring it to our customer’s attention that they need our product. This can span from freeway billboards to poster ads at the local mall. As long as it’s being seen, it’s effective.

4.      Joint ventures.

This constantly gets overlooked in the marketing world. Using a real life example, the only reason Beaches Tanning is so successful is because they have a joint venture with VASA the gym and all of their tanning salons are built in unison with the gym. They know the demographic they’re searching for. Their target market are those concerned with their appearance. Those going to the gym have their appearance, health, and body on their mind constantly.

If tanning is convenient, it’s more likely they’ll try it and stick with it. Taking this back to the Spa scenario, seek out beauty businesses, gyms, barbershops, or other companies that would have affiliation with you. Ask them for mutual support and help them with their business as they help you with yours. If you’re hitting the same target market and demographic, both of you will increase in sales and neither of you will suffer from the support or presence of the other.

5.      Word of mouth. This is arguably the best avenue of marketing on the spectrum. Why? Because it’s totally free. It doesn’t cost you anything as a company and will increase sales and exposure. Word of mouth marketing is when people mention you or your business on the streets, to friends, in the workplace, or publicly.

Because of this, you want to make sure that your service is exceptional. Word of mouth marketing and exposure is either positive or negative. Those hearing about your establishment for the first time will either want to try it, or want to stay away from it. Because of this, you’ll want to make sure that your spa management software is exceptional and the employees are polite, courteous, and well trained.

We’ve talked a lot about how to promote a spa, but this carries over into every avenue of business and marketing. If you have a product, you need to find the people you’re trying to sell it to. After that, all you have to do is find the avenues in which that will be the most efficient and effective. If you’re unable to do this, you’ll simply be wasting your money on advertising to people who are uninterested. But, if done correctly, you’ll be helping people while providing them with a product that will make their lives easier while making you money.