Can Your Small Business Grow With Geofencing Mobile Advertising?

It seems that every other business is opting for digital marketing, more explicitly geofencing mobile advertising today. And each of these businesses is facing tremendous success in their marketing campaigns. A situation like this makes you feel left out, and you wonder if your small business can grow with geofencing mobile advertising too.

To better understand the answer to that question, you need to know a little about geofencing mobile advertising.

What Is Geofencing and Geofencing Mobile Advertising? 

Geofencing is drawing a virtual boundary around any physical location that has the most concentrated amount of your potential customers. Geofencing is one of the most effective methods of marketing and advertising available today. 

Geofencing mobile advertising starts when a person enters or leaves that predetermined boundary.  The GPS on Consumers’ phones tracks their movement; this triggers the action of sending a push notification. These notifications can contain anything from brand awareness to offers, sales promotions, or even discount coupons. Geofencing mobile advertisement is primarily using serving ads to display your messages on the screens of your consumer’s smartphone and other devices. It is possible with geographical and demographical data collected through these devices.

Apart from sending marketing messages to your consumers, geofencing can also be used to collect valuable information. This data can help you better build consumer profiles, cut high costs, and better monitor your marketing campaigns. 

Benefits of Geofencing Mobile Advertising for Small Businesses 

Geofencing mobile advertising can help grow small businesses to their full potential. Have a look at how a small business can benefit from using this geographical programmatic advertising. 

Spread Brand Awareness

Typically, small businesses are not that well known when compared to a big brand name. Geofencing overcomes that factor, helping small brands reach customers instantly. You can draw ten times the attention to your brand than what you are getting now. Develop luring and enticing marketing content. According to a recent study, 70% of consumers consider geofencing notifications valuable.  These consumers voluntarily download apps with geofencing, turn on their GPS, and expect geo-specific announcements. Of the 70% of consumers, 53% engage positively with the advertisement. Your ads are more likely to get higher CTR if developed smartly and creatively regardless of popularity. 

Target Impulse Buyers

Impulse buyers do not mind taking risks when it comes to shopping. They usually are trendsetters and open to trying new products. Geofencing mobile advertisement targets impulse buyers walking by your business location with money in their pockets. The best way to lure this type of consumer is to flash hard-to-turn-down offers on their screens.

Get Ahead in the Completion

Perhaps, the most significant advantage of geofencing mobile advertising is that you can place a virtual fence anywhere. Even in, near, or around your competitor’s business location. It can help small businesses capture new customers by offering their offers and grow their customer base. 


Small businesses that work with their limited budget can still get twice as high ROI. Most geofencing mobile advertising companies offer reasonable and cheap packages, specially designed for small businesses. Because of geofencing’s hyper-local customer targeting, large marketing budgets of big brands become irrelevant. It essentially paves the way for success for small businesses. 

So, it is not a fad or a trend that will pass in a few months. Geofencing mobile advertising is the future of marketing, and the ones to make the most of it are those who take a step today.

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