How to use Programmatic Advertising

In the complex digital ecosystem we live in, it is hard to capture the consumer’s attention. With millions of websites, applications, and digital processes viewed every day through a variety of channels, the need to find an absolute advertising approach is increasing. 

With many advertising methods and approaches coming up, it is important to find the one that helps you reach maximum potential targets and give your business a solid market place. Using separate online platforms to advertise and selecting the best place to put your advertisement can be a very daunting task. Here is where programmatic advertising comes to the rescue.

Programmatic advertising is a digital marketing approach that involves online automated buying and selling. 

 The automation makes transactions smoother, more effective, and comparatively efficient. It streamlines the advertising process and strengthens your digital advertising efforts in one technology platform.

Different Approaches to Programmatic Advertising

Native advertising

Native advertising is one of the oldest types of digital ads used in social media and websites. Combined with programmatic advertising, it is one of the most effective approaches to disguise ads and gather potential targets. 

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Native ads are the paid ones that have the feel, format, and appearance of the media content in which they are embedded. Unlike in-stream and display adds, they do not appear as ads at first. They look like part of the flow of the editorial page. The format of the add is non-disruptive and does not irritate the viewer. 

Video advertising

Many businessmen regard programmable video advertising as the most popular and one of the most effective marketing tactics. Here are the types of programmable video ads.


 These are the ones that play before a YouTube video starts or in-between a video, just like  conventional TV ads that interrupt your movie, TV show, or video midstream. In-stream ads also include ones that play at the very end of a video or movie.


These are the video ads that appear in the middle of blogs or articles. Or they can pop at the side of any web page you are going through. Like other pop-up adds, out-stream ones can be controversial. It can instantly draw the attention of a potential target, or it can make some people stop reading the articles and leave the website. Hence, it is crucial to use out-stream ads very wisely. 


These ads usually appear at the top of a user’s YouTube feed, specifically on the ‘up next’ column at the right side. They do not use autoplay, unlike in-stream and out-stream ads. The user has to make a choice to click and play the ad video. 

Mobile advertising

This type of programmable advertising appears on smartphones with wireless internet connections. Mobile ads can take the form of text via SMS or simply a banner advertisement embedded in a mobile website, apps, and games. Apps like Facebook and Google developed these ads based on the user’s location, web browsing history, and other data like online purchases liked pages on Facebook, and etc.

Many companies or businesses pay apps to display their products through mobile advertising once the apps are installed in smartphones. As mobile phones have smaller screen sizes than computers and desktops, this form of programmable advertising is optimized for small displays. 

Audio Advertising

Due to technology advancements, consumers have higher demands from digital audio streaming networks when it comes to both music and podcasts. Considering how there are roughly 51 million digital audio listeners in the US alone, audio advertising is another means of programmable advertising to reach out to potential customers.

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The audience listening to podcasts are usually the ones who are smart and aged between 25-65. Depending upon music and podcasts preferences, potentials targets can be reached out through audio advertising.

Final Word

Programmatic platforms for advertising have been growing in new ways. It allows smartphones, laptops, tablets, connected TV, audios, and digital outdoors to programmatically access any format or channel. They provide data and inventory bases to segment the audience and target the best ones for advertising. 

Just like finding the best dpi for fps games, it is critical to make sure that you are doing your research and doing this properly. Losing clients do to errors easily avoided is one of the most frustrating, but unfortunately common issues that you will come across.