The Best Beginner’s Guide to Google Ads

Year on year more businesses is becoming ever more involved with their online presence. The competition is greater than ever before. This means that it is imperative for businesses to generate as much income from their online activity as possible because creating an effective website and maintaining quality SEO content is time-consuming.

While such content will usually pay for itself in lead creation, assuming it is well managed, monetization of your company’s website through Google Ads is a vital way of generating revenue and increasing market share.

As with most things, there are some very handy tips and tricks that if implemented will increase your success with Google Ads.

To understand the premise of Google Ads we need to look at Paid Ranking vs Organic Ranking. Your Organic Ranking is your position in Google’s search results assuming that all of your work is done through the creation of content, SEO and hard grind, while your Paid Ranking is as it implies gained through paying for Google Ads.

The beauty of Google Ads is in its format – Pay Per Click (PPC). PPC is excellent as you only pay for the ad if it boosts your traffic!

The best way to achieve success is to integrate the latter into the former as it is no good receiving the traffic if your content and site are not ready and waiting, finely honed to take advantage of the situation.

Having said that, Google Ads is smart. It enables you to pinpoint which search terms and keywords will trigger the visibility of your ads, which are also related to demographics. All of this helps you to target the right kind of leads.

Tips and tricks

Once you have made the decision to get underway with Google Ads, the signing up process is easy. There is some excellent information online to help you get started.

Before you dive in it is well worth brainstorming to ascertain exactly what you want to achieve.

Your targets

Is your target simply lead creation and traffic generation or are you getting enough visitors but not enough of the right visitors? Answering this question will help you create a bespoke strategy.

Do your keyword research

This is imperative. You need to know what keywords are most suitable to trigger your ads. You should use Google Search Console or another similar tool to analyze the data for your site to find out what keywords are most relevant to your business.

Long-tail keywords will be more cost-effective. Another way of creating a more targeted campaign is to target the demographic you are aiming at via their key interests and local information.

Test and refine

Using the likes of Google Search Console you can implement your initial Google Ads campaign, establishing the launch date as a baseline, then analyze the stats on your website over a given period. You can then change the ad to another and compare the results.

This process will help you refine and hone your Google Ad campaign over time. And it is a time commitment that may necessitate the hiring of an agency or another member of staff to run things.