7 Lessons Barney Stinson Taught Us About Life

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1. Don’t Worry, Be Happy

Always be awesome.

2. A Good High Five Will Get You Far

Don’t forget the occasional “self five.”

3. Breaking the Rules Can Be a Lot of Fun

Barney’s life is pretty much 100 percent breaking the rules.

4. With a Little Confidence, You Can Pull Off Anything

Never forget the ducky tie.

5. Your Friends Are Family

Be sure to let them know they can never leave you.

6. The Heart Wants What It Wants

Even the ultimate womanizer can fall for someone.

7. Don’t Forget to Give Back

Hey, at least Barney’s trying, right?

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His primary focus on developing a sales funnel for a company and finding out of the box / growth hacking style ways to convert and drive traffic.

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