Houseplants for the Lazy Thumb

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If you’re like Timmy Turner’s mom who loves gardening but doesn’t have the ability to keep your plants alive then this article is perfect for you!

01. Lazy-gardener

1. Jasmine

12 Plants For Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep

2. Mother-in-law’s Tongue

Mother in law tongue

3. Peace Lily

12 Plants For Your Bedroom to Help You Sleep

4. Jade Plant

Sometimes called the money plant, this cute succulent doesn't ask for much. It’s pretty low maintenance, just make sure not to drown it. A good method to use is to water your jade when the top of the soil feels dry.Is it safe for cats and dogs? The ASPCA says no.

5. Cacti


6. Bromeliad

This cousin of the pineapple may look like a diva, but it's actually pretty easy to handle. It can thrive in a wide temperature range (between 55 degrees and 80 degrees) and is tolerant of drought, so if you only remember to water it once a week, you'll still be good.Is it safe for cats and dogs? The ASCPA says no.

7. Sweetheart Hoya

8. Dracaena

If you're looking to spruce up your floorspace, look to this easy-to-handle plant. All you have to do is keep it dry and somewhere on the warm side, as they do best in temperatures between 65 degrees and 80 degrees. Dracaena also like plenty of light, so a sunny window spot will be handy too.Is it safe for cats and dogs? The ASPCA says no.

9. Kalanchoe

Pretty on the outside, tough on the inside, the kalanchoe is a great choice if you want a little more color in your home. Because they are succulents, they are OK to go a little dry between watering. It also works well with dry climates and temperature changes, so it should be able to adapt to the ficklest of homeowners.Is it safe for cats and dogs? The ASPCA says no.

10. Bamboo Palm

Image result for Bamboo Palm

11. Echeveria

This is one of the prettiest succulent plants because of the bloom-like shape it grows in. There are many varieties and colors, so you can easily find the right one to go with a specific color scheme in your own home if you have one. Be sure to give these guys plenty of constant light and keep the soil moist (not flooded) to keep 'em healthy.Is it safe for cats and dogs? The ASPCA says yes.

12. Aloe

Sure, you’re probably familiar with its medicinal properties, but aloe plants make wonderful home décor too. It’s another succulent, so it does well in dry conditions. The key to making your aloe thrive is making sure it gets plenty of indirect sunlight. Is it safe for cats and dogs? The ASPCA says no.

13. English Ivy

This romantic plant is a wonderful climber, so they’re great for hanging indoors. If you wanna get really fancy, pot it with a stake to watch climbing commence...over time anyway. Moist soil and cool temperatures will make your ivy thrive.Is it safe for cats and dogs? The ASPCA says no.

14. Rosemary

Image result for Rosemary

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