Stephen Colbert Was Out Last Week But Needs To Address This One Piece Of Trump News

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Theres been a lot of news since Stephen Colbert last hosted The Late Show on the Friday before Memorial Day Weekend.

While the program was on a break last week, much of the headline news involved President Donald Trump. Colbert broke down the presidents U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate agreementannouncement, his travel ban tweet and Trumps criticism ofLondons mayorafter adeadly terrorist attackin the United Kingdoms capital.

But there was one moment in particular that Colbert had to address first:

Donald Trump
Stephen Colbert has some excellent suggestions for what “covfefe” really means.

Colbert said he knew the tweet was sent nearly a week ago, but he would not be denied the chance to enjoy it.

So, he did what the rest of the world did attempted to define covfefe.

Check out Colberts possible explanations in the video above.

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