3 Ways Amazon is Changing the World

Amazon is a retail powerhouse, and the company is the world’s biggest retailer. If you want great prices and fast shipping, don’t look much further than Amazon. But there’s a lot more to the company than Prime, which offers you fast shipping.
Whether you realize it or not, the company has been innovating in a lot of fields.
But what is the company doing that has either already started changing the world or will change the world in the near-future?

1. Prime Air

Prime Air is still on the retail side of the company’s business, but it will change the way that people shop. The first Prime Air delivery occurred in 2016, so this is a very real project that has drones drop off packages at people’s doorsteps.
The service would allow for orders to be delivered in 30 minutes or less, and it also has the potential to drop off supplies in remote locations that may otherwise be impossible to access.
Imagine Amazon’s drones hovering over a city that has just been devastated by a hurricane, dropping supplies off to those that may be without food and water.

2. Amazon’s Web Services (AWS)

Amazon powers some of the world’s largest companies and services through AWS. In fact, this service is the main reason that Amazon stock is so high – it represents 50% of the company’s total operating income.
Just putting this into perspective, cloud revenue rose 49% in the second-quarter of 2018, generating $6.11 billion. In terms of revenue, the cloud accounts for 11% of the company’s revenue and attributed to $1.64 billion in operating income or 55% of all of the company’s operating income during the quarter.
Anyone, even a brand-new website owner, can use Amazon’s cloud computing to ensure that their site or service is able to scale and stay online.
The service helps run Netflix, Kellogg’s, GE Oil & Gas, Adobe, Coin Base, Dow Jones, Spotify and many more companies to some extent.

3. Amazon Go

Amazon Go is a very scary innovation because it has the potential to end a lot of retail jobs. The Go product is Amazon’s attempt at a physical retail store, and it has already been tested. What this store does differently is that it allows shoppers to swipe their mobile phone code and then grab items from the store.
When leaving, the total is tallied and charged to the shopper’s account, and there’s no need to stand in line at a cash register or talk to a customer service rep.
It’s like shopping online, but with the instant gratification of having the products in your hand.
Amazon has also started food delivery services, offers publishing platforms for authors, has their own robotics division and so much more. The company is a powerhouse with over 40 subsidiaries. Amazon continues to grow at an alarming rate, changing the world of retail as we know it.
The company even owns Amazon Maritime, which helps manage its own shipments from China into the US.