A Little Guide about Self-Publishing Companies in 2020

Writing a book is a big task, not many people can do this but self-publishing your book is even bigger. Self-publishing means you get to be in control of your book. No one can change anything in it, you are the person to know how and when you are ready to publish it. This is very exciting for any author but at the same time, it is difficult as well.  Authors know how to write a great book but being your own publisher can be overwhelming for some people. But despite being difficult, many people want to self-publish their books to convey their thoughts through the original writing. For that, they need a platform where somehow it is easy to self-publish a book. There are so many self-publishing companies in the market these days that give you the authority to publish your book on your terms but if you are taking such a big risk, you might as well self-publish it through a reputable self-publishing company. Here, we have done our research to find you the best self-publishing companies 2020. In our opinion, the best self-publishing companies include Amazon, Apple Books, Barnes & Noble Press, Rakuten Kobo, Draft2Digtal, Smashwords, PublishDrive, and XinXii.

Let’s discuss more about the best self-publishing companies 2020.

What are the Self-Publishing Companies?

To make it simple and understandable, you should know that the self-publishing companies are not actually publishers. They are just a service provider. They give you the service to publish your book through a computer and then they distribute it around the world for readers. But this process is not as simple as we think that is why there are three basic categories of self-publishing companies we are going to discuss.

  • Book Retailers: Our first category is book retailers and one of the best self-publishing companies 2020 include Amazon and B&N Press.  Both of these companies are online book retailers where you can find and sell any kind of book. Since this platform is online, all big book retailers provide an eBook to be available on Amazon for its reader. If you want to publish your book, you can publish it on Amazon. There are a few things you must follow to publish your book here. This option is very popular these days.
  • Aggregators: Aggregators give the service of distributing your book to a bunch of book retailers at once. Such companies include Draft2Digital and Smashwords. This option is great when you want to build a reputation by publishing your book at once from different cities or countries. This also saves time and energy as you don’t have to meet with different people to publish your book, but it would require you some extra bucks.
  • Print-on-demand-distribution: The classic way of self-publishing is printing books on demand. These self-publishing companies allow you to print as many books as you require so this saves your money and time.

All three of them allows you to be in control, so you can manage the cost and keep the profits to yourself. You just have to pay the basic fee of self-publishing companies and nothing more.  

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