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10 Best Mountain Climbing Destinations in the World

Mountain climbing is one of the fastest growing activities, sports or whatever you want to call it. In the past decade or so, there are a lot of people who have started taking these adventurous trips having fun and keeping both their physical and mental health to a positive level. Not only is this a fun, exciting, and healthy activity, but people also have the chance to see some of the most beautiful places on the entire planet.

The fact that a person gets the chance to sit at some of the tallest peaks in the world is simply amazing, as you can witness the miracles nature has brought us. It’s a rewarding experience, as you have to put in a lot of energy to come to the top and when you’ve reached your goal you will feel connected with the amazing landscape surrounding you. Here are some of the most exciting mountains you should look to climb at least once during your lifetime.

1. K2


Its locals call it Chhogori and this is a 28,251 feet tall mountain, the second tallest in the world. K2 is not a mountain novices should climb and sometimes even experienced climbers have a hard time conquering this giant. This mountain is located in Asia in the Karakoram Range, between Pakistan and China. Many experienced climbers say that it is harder to climb K2 than Mount Everest, which is the highest peak in the world.

2. Hekla


Hekla is not technically a mountain, but it’s one of the best climbing experiences you can possibly have. Hekla is an active volcano located in Iceland. The last eruption that happened at Hekla was in 2000, and this volcano dates back to prehistory. Still, this doesn’t stop hikers from climbing this volcano. The trail to Hekla’s top goes through snow fields and it’s quite easy to cross it, as even an inexperienced hiker might need around four hours to reach the top. Still, it’s advised to carry some glacier gear with you.

3. Kilimanjaro


Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa. It has a flat top and it’s located in Tanzania on its northern border. It has three non-active volcanos, which can be viewed during the climb. The road to the mountain is quite exciting. By taking one of the routes called the Machame Route you will be able to see the unique birds and other animals that are characteristic to this region.

4. Khuiten


Mount Khuiten is located in the center of Mongolia. It’s not easy to reach it as it is located in a remote part of the country. Just reaching the mountain is quite exciting and not to mention climbing it. The whole track to the top is not very steep but the journey can be long and fairly difficult for inexperienced hikers. This is why it’s recommended to travel light and carry with you the absolute necessities.

5. Huang


Mount Huang is located in eastern China. The whole area around the mountain is quite well-known for its beautiful scenery, granite peaks, memorable sunsets and cloud views you can get from above the mountain. This mountain has been frequently painted in traditional Chinese art, and photographers can also capture amazing images here. If you are into photography as well as hiking, this might be your number one choice, as you will have a lot of inspiration while climbing mount Huang.

6. The Matterhorn


This peak is located in the Swiss Alps and it is one of the most popular climbs in the whole world. The amazing thing about this mountain is that there are different routes to choose from, depending on your level of hiking experience. If you are a beginner, take the Lion or Hornli Ridge routes, as they have a lot of supportive tools that can help you climb easier. On the other hand, if you are up for the full challenge go with North Face, Furggen Ridges or Zmutt routes.

7. Mount Everest

Asia, Nepal, Himalayas, Sagarmatha National Park, Solu Khumbu Everest Region, climbers walking below Nuptse making their way to camp 2 on Mt Everest

As you probably already know this is the tallest mountain in the world. This giant is located between Tibet and Nepal. Due to its reputation, this mountain is visited by climbers of different experience levels. Some of them are used to climbing similar routes, while others have slim hiking knowledge. Nevertheless, there are a lot of verified professional climbers who can help inexperienced climbers get to the top, for a certain fee of course. Still, it’s quite a dangerous mountain to climb due to its wind, cold weather and excessive height.

8. Mount McKinley


This is the tallest peak in whole North America. This mountain has the greatest elevation gain of all other mountains. It’s surrounded by many icefalls and five large glaciers. This is one of the toughest peaks to climb and it requires a full-blown expedition that has to be well-planned. The route to the top is not difficult, but the weather is so severe that people can have major issues climbing. This is why many suggest that you should climb it in the spring, although it’s not easy even then.

9. Mount Kailash


Mount Kailash is located in Tibet and this mountain is considered a sacred place of five different religions, including Buddhism, Hinduism, Ayyavazhi, Bon faith and Jainism. Thousands of different people make a pilgrimage to this mountain each year and it’s believed that this tradition has been going on for thousands of years. It’s a very spiritual place where you can meet a lot of good-willed people, all of whom believe that setting foot on this sacred place brings luck. However, you cannot climb this peak as it is forbidden, you may only set foot around it.

10. Fitzroy and Cerro Torre


Stretching across Chile and Argentina, the mountains of Patagonia have amazing heights that can be climbed. Both Cerro Torre and Fitzroy are peaks that surpass 10,000 feet and they give breathtaking views of scattered granite peaks that disappear into the sky and the large mountain that stretches as far as your eyes can see. Given the fact that the terrain is pretty rough, it is good to have some rock climbing knowledge before hiking over the mountains of Patagonia.

All of these mountains are a thing of beauty and climbing them would be an amazing experience. Make sure that you have enough experience and knowledge before climbing those difficult ones to make sure that you are completely ready. Safety first!

  • The one of most famous trekking route in the world is K2 base camp, a strenuous and demanding but rewarding as well..
    whole journey is full of scenic views, K2 stands so proud with steep slopes giving it look to die for.
    For long treks, like K-2 is strenuous. You need to be an accomplished hiker : fit and strong,. The routes do not always follow trails, and the terrain is frequently rough, with loose rocks, hills, exposed edges, and stream crossings.
    All you need is enough passion for mountains.