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10 Speedy Things You Can Do Now to Improve Your Search Results Ranking

You know all the extra time you must work on search engine marketing? [just a bit of sarcasm here] In fact, I tried to build a list of speedy things you can do that will assist you to move up and get a better search ranking in Yahoo or Google results.

  1. Get placed in more search engines that operates like Google. There are tons of these search engines out there. There are free of charge search engine submitting sites that may let you go through the top playing search engines and let you send your site in.
  2. Acquire listing in numerous directories. Once more, there are many out there to choose from. Try to find higher page rank (PR) directories. has several listed on their side, sorted by pagerank. Check out the left side of the homepage to see the complete list.
  3. Clean up your site html and check all your links. You want the search engine bots to track and navigate your site smoothly. Utilize the tools found at; they will let you check all your links, too.
  4. Get a number of backlinks to your website. Make sure that the contents of website that you’re building the links from is appropriate and that they are least identical in pagerank with you.
  5. Build your page file names so they become descriptive and rich in keyword. Labelling your site new_page_1.html will be such a waste for SEO. Use branding and description that identify your website content that allows your keywords and phrases to be incorporated.
  6. Check your titles. You may use anywhere between 90 and 100 character; be sure to incorporate relevant keywords. We realize Google see and evaluate them like other search engines.
  7. Check your image Alt tags. Search engine bots can’t read photos. Ensure that you have Alt tags on all of your images, and make sure they are as descriptive and are abundant in keywords as well.
  8. Edit your link (anchor) tags. The best anchor tags (you can find it on your link—between the http: and also /a tags) enhance the message and also the keyword targeting of your entire site.
  9. Go submit in a few community forums and put a hyperlink to your internet site in your unique signature. Forums are a fantastic place to leave a message and get one-way links. And when you comment, you might take the opportunity to help out a person, and at the same time increasing your authority in the forum. Why not, right?
  10. Assemble a text sitemap and place it on your own site. There are plenty of navigation parts that spiders don’t realize that they are there, such as java, forms, javascript, and images. Piecing together a text-based sitemap provides bots a means to navigate your website with ease.

Investing a few minutes every other day will make a massive difference in getting your web results page rank higher, so do set aside some time to accomplish the above tasks!

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