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10 Things That Every Woman Must Own

When it comes to clothing and accessories, women differ vastly in terms of taste and preferences. Some have a large wardrobe filled with items they’ve only worn once, while others take a much more frugal approach to dressing up. Nevertheless, there are certain things that every woman should own in order to make the most of any situation that comes her way. The following wardrobe staples have become mainstays of female fashion for a reason, and you should definitely consider investing in them if you haven’t already:

Your favorite jewellery

All women, even those who prefer wearing relatively little jewellery, have a few favorites pieces in their collection. From earrings to necklaces to bracelets, jewellery comes in a lot of forms, so choose the ones that best fit your style and personality and keep them somewhere safe. As most pieces of jewellery (except rings) don’t need to be tried on, online jewellery shopping is a great way to bulk up your collection and find great value pieces.

A trusty timepiece

A truly great watch is a lifetime piece, something that’s worth saving enough money for. And women’s watches can be just as elegant and stylish as men’s watches, if not moreso. Stainless steel or leather are popular materials for bracelets, while medium-sized round dials will work best for most women.

A forever bag

Every woman needs a handbag or a shoulder bag in which they can hold their belongings. While women generally have plenty of options at their disposal, it’s important to own at least one bag that you know is large enough to hold everything you’d like to store in it, yet small enough to look elegant alongside you.

A pair of black pumps

Even if you aren’t the kind of girl that goes for pumps on most occasions, there will still be certain situations where old-fashioned elegance is a must. For those times, a sturdy pair of black pumps will do just fine. They work well with everything from dresses to skirts and even trousers, and look best unadorned or decorated with a simple pattern.

Your fragrance of choice

Many girls have a keen sense of smell and delight in the various fragrances that surround them. Whether it’s a perfume, a body lotion or a cream, look for the scent that you feel best encapsulates you as a person and find a way to integrate it into your daily routine.

A sensual evening dress

Evening dresses are typically associated with special events where a more sophisticated style is necessary. Choose one simple dress that’s easy to maintain and goes well with almost any accessory. If possible, pick something with a V-neck and a fitted waist that accentuates your figure, while still being appropriate enough to wear at a more conservative event.

A black suit

In the business world, casual dresses and pants sometimes just won’t do, and when it comes to important job interviews or corporate events, a black suit may be the best way to go. Luckily, the modern business suit ensemble for women is fairly comfortable and can be found in all price ranges. Remember, however, that you get what you pay for, so it might be worth paying a bit more in the beginning in order to purchase a quality suit that won’t fail you later on.

Your go-to lipstick

Few things make a woman more memorable than her smile. So keep on smiling with your favorite colour on hand to give your lips that fresh and full look that everyone loves. Whether you opt for gloss or matte lipsticks, make sure that your choice properly conveys your style and personality while also complementing your outfit as a whole.

A pair of metallic strappy sandals

Sandals aren’t merely reserved for those sultry summer months. In fact, they can prove to be a great footwear choice whenever the weather allows it. Opt for pair that’s equal parts comfortable and alluring, with regular size high heels and a slight platform for added comfort.

A winter coat

Speaking of weather, outside temperature should always factor in your choice of outfits, and any woman should own a comfortable winter coat that will provide much-needed warmth throughout those chilly days and evenings. As far as colours go, choose something with a neutral hue like brown or beige, both of which work well with almost anything.

As you can see, there are some items out there that no woman should ever be without. With the aforementioned essentials on hand at all times, however, you’ll always know what to reach for, making your life that bit easier.