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3 Best Kitchen Renovations for Your Apartment

When it comes to small apartments, kitchen renovations don’t need to be big affairs. Small DIY projects have the potential to bring more storage, space and light to your kitchen space. If you live in a studio apartment, your kitchen can feel especially tiny and cramped. But by taking on some new projects, you can make it into your favorite part of your apartment.

Hang Your Pots and Pans










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Storage space is one of the biggest issues studio apartment renters face. To maximize your space and make more room in your cupboards, hang your pots and pans from the wall or the ceiling. Your favorite big box or home improvement store will have wall or ceiling racks perfect for this DIY project. All you need is a level, a drill and some screws to get going. When deciding where to hang your pots and pans, consider how low your utensils will hang so they don’t get in the way of other things. You can even hang some ladles between the bigger items.

Make Use of Stackable Shelves

If your kitchen is lacking in shelving space, consider investing in some simple, stackable shelves. Many small kitchens have limited shelving, forcing you to pile up your dishes in large cabinets. This can cause a lot of disorganization and often wastes ample space in tall cabinets. However, you can easily slide some stackable shelves into larger cabinets, helping you better organize things like plates, bowls and cups. If happen to be out of cabinet space completely, you can alternatively place stackable shelves on top of your cabinets or even your counter top.

Add Extra Lighting

Small spaces like studio apartments need good lighting; adding the right lighting to your kitchen will make it feel more open. Banish the shadows in the corners with floor lamps that have shades pointing up. Consider installing track lighting on the ceiling over the stove and the sink area. Use lots of smaller lights to disperse the light evenly throughout the space. Avoid relying on an overhead light, as it creates shadows in the corners of the room, causing a cramped feeling.

Create Separation

Studio apartments are great money savers, but it’s not always fun having your kitchen and your bedroom in the same space. Make your kitchen feel like its own small room by separating it from the rest of the house. Get creative and use a Japanese screen or a curtain that you can pull back. Consider buying a small detached bar, or a tall thin table that you can use to create a makeshift barrier between your kitchen and the rest of the apartment. Put stools underneath for the perfect breakfast area.

Make the most of your small kitchen by trying a few of these minor renovations and DIY projects. You’ll be glad you did!