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3 Efficient Ways of Optimizing Your Ecommerce Sales Strategy

You’ve already invested a lot of your time and creativity into a dazzling new ecommerce website, but against all odds, your visitors are staying a bit skittish and your efforts aren’t exactly paying off as you expected. Social media strategies that digital marketing experts suggest can be insanely effective, but there are still powerful ways of turning your leads into paying customers on the site. Here are our top tips on how to do so.

Make Your Customers’ Efforts Cost-Effective


The scale on which ecommerce now operates has opened up a whole world of selling possibilities for you to explore. Wherever your business is physically located at, your customers are still approaching you from all over the globe via your website, which is why you should consider making your offer available to all of them at reasonable shipping prices. A study by Compete claims that 93% of online buyers would be encouraged to buy more products if you offer them free shipping.

Much like shipping, occasional discounts, as well as referral discounts and special offers that you, as a cleverly calculated salesmen will be compelled to propose to your leads, don’t only work as a smart sales strategy, but as a marketing tool as well. Make them clearly presented and obvious on your website, and promote them through social media.

Encourage Your Customers’ Trust



As much as browsing through the online store from the comfort of our homes can be way more enjoyable than the in vivo shopping experience, it certainly doesn’t come without a couple of drawbacks. A potential customer, for starters, can never have as much trust in your products’ quality as they would have if the product was presented to them physically. Furthermore, some buyers actually prefer having an intermediate contact with a retailer who can help solve their potential problems on the spot.

For all of these reasons, your ecommerce sales can hugely benefit if you adjust your website to answer to your customers’ doubts and needs with only one click. Product reviews and ratings are paramount for building trust with potential buyers, especially because some of them won’t even consider purchasing your product without authentic proof given by a former customer.

One of the newest tricks in the niche that has been proven to effectively converse rates is live chat. By connecting with a buyer face to face, at least in the final phase of a purchase, you’re making them feel valued and you’re letting them know that you – personally – stand behind your products.

Revisit Your Marketing Strategies


If you’re still having problems converting your potential buyers, the time could be right to revisit your marketing strategies, as well as your lead generation methods. Along with social media advertising, email campaigns are making a big comeback, and recent findings on their effectiveness are more than convincing. If all else fails, intuitive lead management teams are always at your disposal for a consult, and you should definitely consider including them in your agendas for generating and conversing more leads.

As much as these tactics are numerous and can seem perplexing to you as a non-specialist, knowing that their potential for interconnectivity has never been greater is just enough for you to understand. For instance, one marketing strategy doesn’t have to exclude others, but rather tie together multiple possibilities together. To make this perfectly understandable, the aforementioned email campaigns can be greatly reinforced by corresponding Facebook ads. The possibilities for mixing and pairing those strategies are exciting as much as they are prolific.


If having troubles managing leads and converting them into a paying customers, these 3 tips are most likely enough for you to start optimizing your ecommerce sales. Similar tactics, like videos and security badges are also there for you to explore. And with such a wide scope of available options, your conversion rates are most certainly not going to stay the same.