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3 Infuriating Issues You’ll Have to Face as a Remote Worker

Being a remote worker definitely has its ups and downs. There are a number of benefits of working remotely, such as being able to schedule your tasks throughout the day without anyone asking you why you are leaving the office early, as well as not being exposed to the stress of a long commute, for instance. You can pack your things and go on a three-month vacation, since all you need for work is your laptop.

However, working remotely is far from perfect. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies, because there are some challenges that both you and the business organization you work for have to face, and those challenges can sometimes be tough to handle on both sides.

Nevertheless, if you are a remote worker, you need to learn how to overcome every obstacle coming your way in order to be as productive and efficient as possible. Managing to do that will help you become an important asset to the company you work for, and contribute to its lasting success. Take a look at the common issues every remote worker has to face and learn how to address them in order to be a successful employee.

The Feeling of Isolation


When you’re working in an office, you can feel great even if you are drowning in work, because you are surrounded with people. You have your colleagues with whom you spend a lot of your time, especially when you are working together on some big team projects, and you need to collaborate with them in order to get the job done.

When you’re working from home, loneliness sets in after a while and you can feel frustrated and isolated. There is an obvious lack of social interaction and you don’t have the luxury of building relationships and creating a social life around your work friends.

More often than not, this problem can reflect on your work and make you a bit disengaged, but it’s nothing that cannot be fixed. Make a habit of collaborating and communicating with your colleagues as much as possible via email or IMs and you will feel as if you’re actually sitting next to each other at the office. It can really be a game changer.

Of course, make sure you meet up with your local friends whenever you have free time, as that is certain to recharge your batteries and help you effectively complete every new work project.

Completing Your Projects in a World Full of Distractions



Staying focused and productive when working from home can be pretty tough. It can be really stressful sometimes, since there is always something that needs to be done around the house; from your laundry and everyday house chores to your car’s oil changing and a number of other distractions that prevent you from getting your work done on time, which can be especially challenging if you have a family and little kids running around.

How to get your work done effectively and manage to keep your sanity along the way? You need to let your family and friends know that you are unavailable during your work hours. This means no running errands, no never-ending phone calls or any other type of distraction that can make you put your work aside.

Create a schedule and stick to it as if you were in an actual office. If music doesn’t distract you, the best solution to your problem would be to put on your headphones, unplug from the world around you and focus only on the work in front of you. That will certainly help you relax and complete all of your assignments without missing any deadline.

Collaborating and Communicating Gets Hard

Side view of happy business woman on sofa using laptop and headset at home

There is instant messaging and there are emails, but the best possible solution would be the adoption of videoconferencing. Implementing videoconferencing can lead to much better communication and each and every team member can collaborate on various projects more easily.

The most efficient system to implement would be to schedule every video conference call, so that every employee within the company can be available for the virtual meeting. That way, everyone can be updated on every project and no one will have troubles keeping up. If your company has not yet harnessed the power of videoconferencing, you should definitely bring it up at your next meeting, since it will certainly improve the entire organization.

Final Words

One is definitely the loneliest number but, if you manage to stay on the same page with your team and develop an effective communication with them, you can be sure no work mission will be impossible and you will become a dream team that will accomplish its every task with flying colors.