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3 Things to Take Care of Post VASER Lipo Surgery

You are excited to know that VASER liposuction surgery offers amazing results in body contouring in a safe yet effective way. However, before you take the step of undergoing this cosmetic surgery procedure there are few things that you must take care of after the procedure is over. Take a look at the following 3 essential aspects of aftercare post a VASER Lipo procedure so that you stay prepared.

Leaking is Common

It is normal to leak for the initial few days after the surgery. The color of such leaking will either be purple or orange but there is nothing to worry as this is a part of your recuperation. The swelling will remain minimal and it is best to use mattress protector and old sheets at this time. You can also opt for wearing dark and loose-fitting clothes to help you feel comfortable during the leaking.

Diet Restrictions

Right after the VASER Lipo procedure you will be advised to take a balanced diet with no sugar content in your food. You should also avoid processed and fatty food so that you don’t gain back what you have lost during the liposuction surgery. You may feel “heavy” post-surgery even though fat from your body has been removed. Also, the chances of feeling constipated and bloated are likely to surface after this procedure. Opt for food with high fiber content at this time. You will also be helped greatly if you drink water containing fresh lemon as it will naturally cleanse and reduce the swelling. In case of any doubt, consult your surgeon immediately for a diet plan.

Minimal Swelling

Bruises and swelling are part of the treatment. It helps your body to readjust and heal and you should not worry about it. In case of any persisting pain or fainting episodes on a long-term basis, you should talk to your surgeon and get help as soon as possible. However, with time the swelling as well as bruising will come down and you will get a much healthier and fitter body.

Stories That Speak Of Amazing Results Post VASER Lipo

Many cases have come to light that show how VASER Liposuction procedure has dramatically changed the lives of both men and women. Whether it be a 50 year-old woman undergoing the VASER Lipo for the first time to get a flat tummy, or a 44 year-old male opting for VASER Lipo to get the perfect chest, flanks, abdomen and chin, or even the case of an 18 year-old getting rid of stubborn fat deposition- each of these cases have one thing in common and that is Dr. Ajaka’s dedication and skills in achieving success in VASER Lipo surgeries. Dr Joseph Ajaka reviews are positive and encouraging. He is known to have successfully carried out many VASER Lipo surgeries for body contouring in patients of various age groups, by not only being responsible for the procedures but also taking post-operative care in a gentle yet professional way.

The downtime of VASER Lipo is minimal in comparison to the traditional liposuction procedure, and your recovery will be complete by approximately six weeks after this procedure. If you follow all the guidelines properly you will be able to shape up your body within 3 months. Following the advice of your surgeon is crucial during the recovery time but after you have achieved the final outcome you will not need to visit your surgeon anymore within 6 months-1 year.