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3 Tips That Will Help You Go on a Date with your Tinder Crush

Online dating is an old thing but some new spins of an old story is what actually made it far more interesting than it ever was – dating apps. Tinder is one of the best platforms and it didn’t take a too long for it to become a favorite hooking app for people of all ages.

If you don’t have the time to experiment and see how things work out on Tinder here are some tips that could help you get a real date with your Tinder Crush. Let’s swipe!

Basic Steps

There are two major factors that will enhance your Tinder experience: your profile optimization and cool opening lines. When it comes to your profile optimization the key aspect is your profile pics. There is one fact to keep in mind about this. You can upload 3 pictures and paying attention to the first one is of crucial importance. It has to be attention-grabbing, since Tinder users have multiple matches at a time and they will usually look at only one pic.

For best results ask a friend to take a picture of you without any sunglasses or hat. Try to have a friendly smile and look casual. The second and third pictures should be ones that show you with friends or to show some of your interests or hobbies. Remember, your pic is there to grab attention, but when it comes to making a potential partner more interested other things have to be done.

Bonus tip: Never leave your biography details empty. If anything, you can write something cool and funny. And, yeah, never lie about your height.

Chat Like a Pro

Longer and creative opening lines have far more success rate than the “Hi” based ones. Some of the tricks that could help you get her interested and open up a conversation are pretty simple and easily done. Main rules revolve around you maintaining the balance between not being needy and still showing that you are interested. Also, the one thing that will get the conversation going are the lines that trigger emotional responses.

This is why you have to work with what’s in front of you, look at his/her bio and pictures and bring the thing that caught your eye into the conversation. Remember, being honest is crucial in these moments and it can save you a lot of unpleasant moments when you first meet. I mean it’s OK to spin reality a little bit to be funny, but don’t exaggerate.

Another very important thing is not to be pushy; after you try several times to start a conversation and all you get are simple answers and no follow up questions, you should drop the ball. Go to the next match to try out your luck. But if the conversation is going in a good direction, you can always ask if the other person wants to exchange his/her Facebook profile so that you can continue there.

First Date

I have some friends who think that the first Tinder date is far worse than any blind date they’ve had in their entire lives. And I totally get them. You are already invested and have already formed some expectations and hopes. This extra pressure can make a first Tinder date a really bad one, filled with awkward silences.

After long and promising chat sessions on Tinder it can be really daunting to see the person in real life. This is why your primary goal should be to make the situation as comfortable as you can. It would be best, if possible, to try and not to rely too much on previous chat sessions and try to build a conversation from scratch. If you manage to get rid of the pressure, you will be able to focus on being fun and avoid having a disastrous first date. If nothing, first dates are supposed to be fun.

These are just some tips that could make your Tinder experience worth remembering. Be prepared to go through a lot of fails before you get it right. Communication with others when emotions and intentions are brought into the equation can be pretty tricky. And, yeah, in case you need additional information you can go wild online and read dozens of articles that cover Tinder dating.