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3 Ways to Help You Decide Whether You Want To Be a Freelancer or an Entrepreneur

Leaving traditional employment and seeking a freelance or entrepreneurial lifestyle is something many people decide to do in their lives. Maybe you are thinking of doing the same thing, quitting your job and starting that business you have always dreamed of, or perhaps you want to follow your passion like writing or doing something you are qualified to do.

It is very important to know the commitment you will have to make and how that commitment will fit into your life. Freelancers and entrepreneurs have different roles in society, but one thing is certain, they both play a key role in our economy and its growth. So, how can you decide what you want to be? This is where we come to the rescue with these three simple ways to help you decide which one will be the best fit for you.

How Do You Define Yourself Exactly?

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A freelancer is someone who is defined by what they do. They can be a good writer, a good web designer or even a good seamstress. Their skill set and how they perform are their primary values, so if you want to be a successful freelancer you need to be an expert in what you do and do it really well, because if you do, opportunities will only continue to arise.

An entrepreneur is someone who is defined by what they create. They are able to put their opportunities to good use and convert them into conveniences that can make life much easier for those who are in need. When people say “entrepreneur”, they often think of people like Steve Jobs who created Apple, and Bill Gates who created Microsoft. Both men had dominating thoughts on what things would look like if they implemented their ideas and cast them into the world.

Contender or Creator?

Entrepreneurs are the ones who have the initiative and skills that are necessary to create new ideas that can solve systemic problems, and this includes cultivating new jobs out of these ideas and figuring out how these ideas can be recycled and implemented into outcomes that can be profitable. A freelancer does not have a continuous employment, but is hired by several people or companies to do specific assignments for them.

They are often the ones who share an entrepreneur’s cause or vision, but are never in charge of the total outcome. Freelancers provide a service and they do it by the hour, project or a previously set fee agreement. But freelancers have some peace of mind; once they complete their task, there is nothing else they need to think about.

How Are You Making Money?


The money that a freelancer can make equals the number of hours in a month multiplied by their rate. However, a freelancer can make money in many different ways, like building a money-making blog. The plus side of being a freelancer is that they are the only person they depend on. An entrepreneur is someone who is able to make money during the entire day, if they manage to find the right people and place them in a position that ensures their ideas will work for the benefit of the organization, its vision, as well as others working with them.

Unlike freelancers, the success of an entrepreneur depends on putting everyone in the right place and ensuring that everything works out as planned. If one part of their organization fails to work, it can slow down the whole payment process or even cause them to lose money.

It is time to realize that everything is changing and that you are going to need to equip yourself with a new set of values if you want to live a quality life. This place we live in is always in demand for new ideas and for new ways of getting things done. New opportunities arise every day and modern technology has given us access to resources that we once could not reach.

These resources have provided us with the ability of fulfilling the demands for new ideas and gave us the chance to live a life that will be built around our dreams and passions. So, whether you decide to start a new business or get into freelancing or come up with the next life-changing idea, we are sure that you will succeed.