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3 Ways to Stay Cool While the AC is Out

Climate control is one of the greatest modern achievements. By simply moving a dial, you can achieve your ideal room temperature. What happens when the air conditioner needs repair, though? Suddenly, you’re susceptible to all the heat and humidity in your area. Here are three ways to stay cool while the AC is out.

Open the Windows


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The simplest way to lower the temperature in your home is also arguably the best. Cracking a window takes only a second, and it directs a wave of fresh air into your home. You’ll instantly lower the temperature of the room by several degrees.

Still, this method isn’t perfect. Opening a window isn’t a great idea during inclement weather. Should you leave it open when it’s raining, your home could suffer water damage. Also, if you don’t have screens, bugs will have easy access to your living quarters, and that’s true of other furry creatures you don’t want in your room, too.

Deploy the Fans

Fans are a popular way to stave off the heat. Although they don’t actually cool the air or lower the temperature, the air circulation they provide can reduce your heat-related misery. Countless models are available, and they come in all shapes and forms. That flexibility assures you of finding something that will suit your needs. The catch is that you may pick the wrong unit. If so, you won’t solve your heat woes.

When selecting your fan, take a moment to consider your home. Where do you feel the hottest? What’s the path of airflow in the various rooms? How much space do you have? Do you want a gentle breeze or a constant blast of cool air? Answering these questions will inform your fan purchase.

A window fan will keep an entire room cool, while an oscillating fan will direct air evenly without making any one spot too cold. A ceiling fan provides a constant air supply. Pick any of these options, and you’ll feel better immediately. If you’re not sure which one is best, a pro tip is to place a generic fan in a breezeway. It’ll filter air to a lot of the house, saving you money on electricity.

Freeze the Sheets

An odd but effective strategy to stay comfortable during hot weather involves your linens. First, choose bed sheets that are made of natural fibers. They’ll help you breathe more regularly and comfortably, which will help you feel and sleep better.

Once you have the proper bedding, get in the habit of freezing your sheets in a plastic bag for a few hours before you go to sleep. Remove them from the freezer and let them defrost when you’re almost ready to sleep. Then, dress your bed with the frosty sheets.

A broken air conditioner is always inconvenient. Employing any of the three suggestions above should lessen your aggravation while increasing your comfort. To help prevent problems with your air conditioning in the first place, be sure to perform regular preventative maintenance on your HVAC unit.

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