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3 Ways You Can Earn Money From Home

Working from home sounds like a dream come true for a lot of us. It’s also not easy to get a business started from scratch. You can start small, and earn money from home without taking on a complicated business plan.

Sell Products on eBay or Amazon

Just about anyone can set up Ebay or Amazon seller accounts. You might want to clear your closet, or rehome some old toys. Selling things you have laying around the house is a good launching pad into an actual store. The best part is your “store” runs out of your own home.

Once you build your ratings, and establish yourself, you can create a successful storefront. You can sell things you’ve bought wholesale. Or maybe you like to scout antiques and sell the refurbished products. As your store grows, you can even consider starting a dropshipping business with AliDropship – no warehouse needed.  

Sell Things You’ve Made – Or Grown

If you’re good at handcrafting anything, you’re already ahead. Unique, homespun products are increasing in popularity. As well made clothes are becoming harder to find, people are more willing to pay a little extra for quality. The same goes for furniture, jewelry, and home decor. And it’s not just textiles – homemade soaps, and bath products are also popular.

You don’t need to rent a store to sell handmade items. Many successful businesses run off a website or list their products on sites like Etsy. Most of these options don’t require a lot of space or special equipment, so even apartment dwellers can do it.

If you have room or live in a rural area, there’s a lot of potential to earn money right in your backyard. Fresh produce, local honey, and dairy products are always in high demand at farmer’s markets. It could pay off to dig out grandma’s old jam recipe, too. 

Offer Pet-sitting and Walking Services

So this one technically includes going outside your house for some of the work. But when you’ve got a cute, fluffy ball of joy at the end of the leash, is that really a downside? 

Generally, the only qualification you need is some experience with animals, and a lot of love for them. If you want to go the extra mile, there are even dog walking courses you can take. It might not be a way to earn money without going outside, but it is a way to avoid an office cubicle.

Some people need more than a walker for their pet, especially when they go out of town. Trusted pet-sitters are often preferable to kennels and vet boarding, since it’s less stressful on the animal. A client might ask you to check in on the pet several times a day, or could even pay you to house-sit with the pet, 24/7. In some cases, the client might ask you to keep the pet at your home. 

Find Your Strengths

Successful work comes from skill and interest in the work you’re doing. This leaves a lot of options for making money from home, or even starting a small enterprise. Find your area of expertise, and work from there. And who knows – your work could turn into something big.

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