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4 Fabulous Car Brands That Should Be in Your Garage at Some Point of Your Life

One of the most useful inventions in modern history is certainly the car. During the last century, auto expansion and development brought about a great change in the world of traveling. In the beginning, some brands focused on the car’s performance, others focused on comfort. After centuries of development, the majority of car brands strived to create a high performance vehicle that spends a low amount of fuel and is as comfortable as possible. Even though a lot of different brands try to achieve this, there are those that simply offer a unique driving experience. These are the cars that should definately be found in your garage at some point in your life.



This is an incredible brand coming from the Land of the Rising Sun. The company was founded in 1914, however, the name Nissan was first used back in 1930. Throughout the years, the company has grown and manufactured some of the best cars in the world. We can easily say that Nissan’s crown jewel is definitely the GT-R. Its rich history suggests that this sporty ride is the biggest pride of the Japanese company. The amazing flexibility of the car offers ultimate driving comfort, however, in a matter of moments, it becomes an untamable beast with insane sports performance. However, what makes this brand perfect is its high reliability, which can be attested to in various consumer reports.



Another incredible brand that is loved by millions around the globe is definitely Mazda. Over its long and rich history, this company has become one of the giants that offer a comfortable ride in both stylish and aggressive cars. The reliability is incredible, according to consumer reports in the US. The company produces cars that run on traditional piston engines, however, it has managed to successfully implement the rotary Wankel engine.

The most popular model running on this type of engine is the Mazda RX-8. Even though the model is currently discontinued, the successor of this incredible car has already been announced at the Tokyo motor show. If you are a family guy, Mazda delivers a wide range of classic, reliable and comfortable family cars but, if you want to get a vehicle that is fun to drive, RX-8 might be the perfect car for you – it will certainly make you feel a big adrenaline rush.



The German auto moto industry is famous for creating several high performance brands that have become world renowned for their quality. However, judging from the consumer reports in 2015, Audi was the best rated brand coming from Europe. The incredible history of this company is just one of the things that makes the company stand out. The high level of luxurious comfort and incredible performance is the trademark of this company. This statement is ultimately confirmed by the S class vehicles, which run on incredibly powerful engines, yet also remain perfectly comfortable family cars. Another innovative feature is the company’s unique Quattro system, which played a key role in earning the brand it’s immense worldwide success. The amazing comfort and insane performance makes this car the perfect candidate for your garage.


As you may have heard, this brand is relatively new. Even though it does not have an astounding history as the other brands on this list, it is a new and innovative brand that promises a perfect transition from fossil fuel to electricity as the car’s main power source. The Tesla Company has so far created the Tesla Model S, which has left many people surprised with its insane performance. Owing to the fact that the car runs on electricity, the amount of baggage space leaves the customers speechless. The car’s claim to fame was the impressive fact that it can exceed 220 miles per hour, and is backed up with free fast charging networks. If you are thinking of acquiring a future-proof means of transportation, this electrically powered vehicle is a must have.

These are only some of the companies that have earned their success in the car industry, but there are many more that offer quite unique vehicles. However, if you are a person who believes in statistics, according to various different consumer reports, these are the most popular and reliable brands in the world.

If you’re looking to buy an electric vehicle, that requires research to determine the best model. Check out this review and choose the best model that fits your lifestyle and budget.

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