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4 Father’s Day Marketing Strategies


Companies always do great business around Mother’s Day (especially if your business is the postal service!) because it’s a culturally ingrained idea to buy mom something for all her hard work. With dads, on the other hand, it’s a little bit harder – they often get a phone call, and perhaps a brunch out somewhere, which is great for restaurants but not great for all the other businesses.

What’s a business to do around this holiday? Well, by honouring the true spirit of Father’s Day by offering promotions, sales, contests and gift ideas, your business can thank all those fathers out there the right way. Let’s look at four options for Father’s Day marketing strategies.


The Classic

No one said you had to reinvent the wheel. Offer a giveaway to dads, or to kids and spouses who are purchasing something for dad. For this, you’ll want to go ultra-classic: we’re talking a “#1 Dad” t-shirt. You can choose to put your business’ name on the shirt as well, to boost visibility, or just leave it as is. This gift doesn’t have to expensive either – here in Canada if you go through R&P Prints you’ll be able to snag a good deal on some good printed shirts.


The Modern

To give the classic marketing strategy a little bit of a 21st Century update, you could have people take pictures of their dad and use a hashtag that includes both your business name and “#1 Dad” (or something like that). When they use the hashtag, they’ll be entered into a contest for a free gift, whether it’s a jacket, a power tool, a golf game – whatever makes sense for your business. People love promotions, and harnessing the power of social media to get your business’ name out there is a great visibility technique that’ll boost your currency throughout the summer.


The Sale Approach

Whatever business you represent, there’s likely some way to spin your service or product for dads, so a sale makes perfect sense. Own a restaurant? Dads eat for 30% off. Own a shoe store? 30% off men’s shoes. Even if you owned a spa, you could still offer a discount package to pamper dads. With the right spin and branding, most any business can benefit from offering a sale on Father’s Day.


The Basket

This works more for retail stores than it does for service-based businesses (although there might be a way to make it work). Essentially what you do is bundle together a number of dad-related items that you sell –a mug, a printed t-shirt, grill tongs, koozies, tools, etc. – and you make a “Father’s Day gift package”. Kick down the price of each item a little bit, add the prices together and, voila, you’ve got a bona fide marketing promotion. This one’s smart because it encourages people to buy multiple items instead of a single item.


Who said Father’s Day couldn’t be a fruitful holiday for businesses? With a mix of classic and modern promotional techniques, as well as sales and repackaging, your business is going to do wonderfully this June 17th. Thanks, dad!