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4 Key Steps for Communication Overload Relief

One of the most common issues in this era is communication overload. It is becoming very real due to technologies that are changing rapidly, social media and instant communication. The mobile phone inbox is overflowing with messages and we are constantly hearing the message notification tone.

Harvard Business Review writes that 60% of computer users check their e-mail in the bathroom and 85% of them said that they would take a laptop on vacation.

Communication overload can cause stress and in order to focus and concentrate on top priorities and to reduce this overload, the following steps can be useful:

  1. Postpone

Don’t be afraid to postpone reading your e-mails and, especially, the messages on social media. The world is not going to end if you read them a few hours after they’ve arrived in your inbox.

Turn off your e-mail notification, close your inbox and plan out when you are going to check it. Set intervals and that way you’ll be much more efficient in during your workday.

  1. Turn off App and Social Media Notifications

As well as being very useful and making communications a lot easier and faster, notifications are a huge distraction and they can prevent you from focusing on your work. Especially the ones related to social media. By turning them off you won’t be checking your phone every few minutes and you could also make a schedule when it’s appropriate to check them out.

  1. Regulate the Number of Meetings You Hold and Attend

Communication overload doesn’t just come from e-mails, social media etc. Holding meetings too frequently can have the same effect as well. If you feel that you’re attending too many useless meetings, feel free to let your boss know that it would be more productive if you receive all the info via e-mail, for example. If you are in a position to organise meetings yourself, make them short, informative and effective. Set time limits for each meeting and have an agenda.

  1. Detox Days for Communication

As Ellenor Day-Lutz from Australian Institute of Business suggests, it is wise to have communication detox days. If you are still feeling the overload of communication, even when all the previous strategies have been implemented, then there is a need for detox days for communication. Just focus on relaxation and rest by switching off everything that puts stress on your mind. It’s not easy to do it and there is a fear of missing out. But, overload of communication is a real thing that needs to be managed. Hence, take a day off from all the overload every now and then and at the end of the day you will be very glad and happy you made this decision.

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