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4 Perks of Temporary Office Space You May Not Know About


You love running your business out of a home office, but there are times when arranging for a short-term office space rent makes a lot of sense. While you are familiar with many of the features and amenities that come with the rented space, others may escape your notice. Here are some examples of services you can put to good use during the stay.


Security Measures

Did you know that when you schedule office space for rent by Agileoffices that the arrangement comes with security already in place? The building owner ensures there are guards on hand around the clock. In addition, there are security cameras and secure locks on all the office doors. If the plan is to lease space for a few days or a week, rest assured that there are measures in place that will keep you and any of your visiting clients safe.


Excellent Receptionist Support

The setup for office space rent includes support by a professional receptionist. It’s possible to have someone who will answer the line with your company name, take messages, forward calls to your rented office space, and even let you know when your next appointment arrives. This is important, since it makes the impression that you are in fact a permanent fixture in the building. That can be helpful when you are using the temporary space to meet potential clients.


Conference Rooms Available

Along with setting up an office space for rent by Agileoffices, you can also reserve other spaces in many of the facilities. For example, could you use a conference room in addition to your temporary office? It’s easy enough to reserve it for whatever time frame you need. Check into options for video or web conferencing equipment. It can be set up prior to your meeting and allow you the chance to test it before your guests arrive.


Catering for Important Meetings

The beauty of an office space rent is that you can arrange for catering if the plan is to meet with clients most of the day. Whether you need something for lunch alone or could use a combination of brunch and late lunch items to enjoy, it’s easy enough to develop a plan. The caterers will need to know how many people are coming, and special dietary needs they possess, and if you want the food served or set up buffet style. This added touch will make a great impression on visiting clients and certainly make them feel more comfortable with you.

These are only some of the services that come along with an office space for rent by Agileoffices. Ask about different kinds of support services and see how they would fit in with what you hope to accomplish. If there is something a little out of the box you want, talk with a representative. Depending on the nature of the request, there is a good chance it can be accommodated.