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4 Reasons Every Athlete Should See A Sports Chiropractor


The relationship between chiropractor and athlete is a pretty old one, dating back nearly a hundred years when baseball greats like Babe Ruth and Joe DiMaggio would avail themselves of chiropractic care to keep fit and functioning during a long baseball season. As the Twentieth Century went on, more and more sports teams and individual athletes chose to use chiropractors, and the chiropractic field itself expanded to allow for new methods and ideas. In a sense, North American professional sports and chiropractic grew up together.

Now, it’s all but impossible to find a professional athlete or team that doesn’t use chiropractic, and for very good reason. As this article will detail, chiropractic offers a wide range of benefits to athletes, both professional and amateur, and can help alleviate and prevent sports-related pain and injury. Not only do chiropractors offer helpful spinal adjustments, but they are also a wealth of knowledge on various stretches and exercises beneficial to overall health. Here are four reasons every athlete should see a chiropractor.


Many Professional Athletes Experience Back Pain

Sports and sports-related activities have been associated with lower back pain in a number ofscientific studies, and a high frequency of athletes from a wide range of sports like tennis, wrestling and soccer indicated that they experience back pain (around 50 to 85% of athletes, in fact). This makes chiropractic very important. Even if you aren’t experiencing back pain now, there is no guarantee that, down the line, wear and tear on your spine won’t cause chronic back pain. Whether you’re looking to treat symptoms or prevent them, it’s a good idea tovisit a sports chiropractoras soon as you can.


Chiropractic Care Offers A Drug-Free Solution

Athletes seeking a non-invasive, drug-free treatment for pain are encouraged to consider chiropractic. As mentioned, in addition to offering spinal adjustments chiropractors can work with you to develop a pain prevention strategy, showing you certain stretches and exercises tailored to your specific issue.


You Can Maintain (Or Improve Your) Training Regimen

Some athletes make use of chiropractic not solely to alleviate pain, but also to keep themselves as limber,healthy and confident as possible. When training, a chiropractor can help decrease fear-avoidance, increase confidenceand optimize function, allowing you to train better and perform at an optimal level.


You Can Improve Your Hip RotationAndHand-Eye Coordination

Beyond pain relief, beyond injury avoidance and posture, chiropractic has some lesser-known benefits. Chiropractic has been shown to improve hand-eye coordination by improving the relationship between the spinal cord, cerebellum, brain and body, which each constantly swap valuable informationabout what’s going on around you. Chiropractic can also improve the mobility and mechanics of your hips, which can aid in all sorts of activities.


It’s no wonder why athletes and chiropractors have such a long relationship – Babe Ruth was clearly onto something when he first sought the aid and knowledge of a chiropractor! For pain relief, pain prevention, fear avoidance and improved overall function, visit a sports chiropractor and perform at your personal best level.