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4 Reasons to Expand Your Startup to Indianapolis

Many entrepreneurs focus their sights on Silicon Valley, New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles. After all, these cities prove popular for startups because of their concentration of businesses. However, you might want to consider starting your business in a less popular locale. Indianapolis, Indiana, offers plenty of attractions for budding business owners and serial entrepreneurs alike.










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There are more than one dozen universities and colleges located within Indianapolis. Several other institutions of higher learning are within an hour of the city, as well. While you might be focused on running a business instead of expanding your education, working close to universities could give you first dibs on fresh talent.

Graduates often start their job searches close to home — or close to the university from which they received their degrees. Snatch up the brightest minds before they can join the competition’s team.

Keep More Money in Your Wallet

Cities like New York and Los Angeles might offer art, culture, and other benefits, but they’re extremely expensive. Sperling’s Best Places ranks U.S. cities’ cost of living based on an average of 100. The website gives Indianapolis a score of just over 90, which makes it much less expensive than other cities and towns in the United States.

Since startups can quickly consume cash, you’ll want to save money on expenses like rent, utilities, food, health care, transportation, and more. Skip the expensive cities and call the Midwest home.

Avail Yourself of Indy’s Tech Scene

Did you know that Indianapolis ranks fifth in the United States for tech job growth? Between 2013 and 2017, tech jobs grew by nearly 30 percent, which means that this Midwest city offers excellent opportunities for all types of startups. Even if your business doesn’t fall into the tech industry, you’ll need tech-savvy employees and contractors to help your startup grow.

Additionally, Indianapolis offers a diverse economy that welcomes startups with open arms. Some of the most profitable industries in this city include health care, tourism, education, and personal finance. You can easily find a niche into which your startup business fits.

Get Support From Local Organizations

Every startup needs a little support to help it flourish. In Indianapolis, you can take advantages of many local organizations that provide assistance to startups. Simply connect with these organizations via Taylored and start paving the road to success.

From manufacturing partners to security solutions, you can find what you need in Indianapolis. You can also get your phone systems up and running and find IT support within this diverse and growing community. Reaching out to other organizations will help you put down roots and establish yourself in the area. Plus, you might find that these business relationships become mutually beneficial.

Deciding where to launch your startup can seem like an impossible task, and you might feel drawn to the coasts. However, moving inland can help you save money and give you access to unprecedented support. Plus, the local talent can help your business prosper from the moment it launches.