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4 Subtle Marketing Ideas That Make Your Business Look like a Bigger Deal

Ever feel like your company is relatively unknown despite booming business?

Even if your company is profitable and things are going relatively well financially, from a branding perspective there’s often that sinking feeling that your company should be bigger, right?

This is especially true for small businesses that are interested in becoming more integral in their local communities. Thankfully, there are ways you can give your business a bit of a boost without totally blowing out your budget.

If you think your business is missing something, consider the following subtle strategies to get more eyes on your company.

Office Swag

If there’s some wiggle room in your budget and you run a brick-and-mortar business, some branded office swag is an awesome way to put yourself out in the open and make your team feel like they’re apart of something bigger than a business. Consider cost-effective items such as…

  • Apparel: from hats to t-shirts, wearing your brand allows your company to make itself known beyond the realms of the office
  • Business cards: an absolute must-have for modern companies, an eye-popping card is definitely a nice touch if your business has slept on them in the past
  • Stamps: a  customized stamp for your business’ professional letters is a small but significant touch for those who mean business

Revamp Your Logo

In line with the previous idea, hiring a professional designer to come up with an actual logo for your business is crucial.

Don’t rely on clip-art or a generic design unless you want your brand to get lost in the shuffle. Remember: having a professional logo impacts everything from signage to your email signature.

From platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr to your local college, there are plenty of ways to commission a fresh logo design without breaking the bank.

Beef Up Your Social Following

Although it’s easy to see Facebook fans or Twitter followers as vanity metrics, the fact remains that having more followers is a good way to make your business appear larger than life. Perhaps one of the best tips for a bigger social following is focusing on fewer channels versus spreading yourself thin by trying to grow a following everywhere. Additionally, it may make sense to run Facebook ads or hire a virtual assistant to serially “like” and comment on social content to put your brand’s name out there.

Either way, don’t worry too much about your follower count if it isn’t directly correlated with your bottom line. If you’re happy with a smaller but more intimate following, that’s totally fine.

Get Involved Locally

Whether through donating to charity or sponsoring local events, getting your name out there means networking face-to-face within your community. For example, local events such as triathlons are often looking for sponsors as are little league teams in your area.

While you may not see a direct ROI from such events, these contributions signal your business as a helping hand which acknowledges the community that supports it. At the same time, it also shows that your business has a heart.

Regardless of your business’ goals, it always pays to look the part in the professional world. Any combination of these tips can help any businesses looking to step up their game.